Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Celebrity Family Feud" 7/22

In Game #1:

Kardashians: Bruce Jenner, Kimberly (daughter), Kris (wife), Kourtney and Khloe (Charity: Dream Foundation)
Sanders: Deion, Pilar (wife), Deion Jr. (son), Deiondra (daughter) and Annette (aunt)(Charity: Sanders Claus)

First question: What's the first thing you take off when you play Strip Poker? Starting with:

1. Shoes/boots (51, Deion)

The Sanders family will play. Pilar starts off with a Deion Jr.'s first answer is some socks...#4 (6)! Deiondra now goes with a shirt, which is #2 along with blouse (26)! Now to Annette, who says a belt...but that's not there, so strike two. Back to Deion, he tries to save the team with his second guess of pants...NO. For 83 points, Bruce says a bra...#5 (2)! Rest of the answers:

3. Watch/jewelry (7)
6. Hat (2)
7. Tie (2)

Second question: Name a place you wouldn't want to wake up in after a wild night of partying. Starting with:

1. On the street (29, Pilar)

The Sanders clan plays again. Deion Jr.'s next response is a car...bottom answer (5). Deiondra then checks into a in a stanger's bed, that's #2 (27)! Now to Annette, she next says in jail...#3 (20)! For an instant sweep and the lead, Deion says the #4 answer is in a club...not it. Pilar then tries on the floor...aka the bathroom variety, that's the one (7) for an 88-point sweep!

Triple: Name something kids do when their pet goldfish dies. Kris is first with flushing it down the toilet...#2 (23). Deion Jr. comes up with crying...NUMBER ONE (57) for control! Next is Deiondra with wanting another one...can't do it. Annette tries to do better with having a funeral...bottom answer (4)! The #3 answer will decide who wins/loses. Deion blanks for strike two. To close the game out, Pilar goes with burying it...WIN (14)! They got their first $10,000 on the night!

For Game #2, one family has a certain announcer that's famous for shouting "Heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeeee'ssssss Johnny!!!":

Barber: Tiki, Ginny (wife), Geraldine (mother), Tess (cousin) and Geoff (cousin)(Charity: Fresh Air Fund)
McMahon: Ed, Pam (wife), Lex (son), Alex (granddaughter) and Sandy (brother-in-law)(Charity: Horatio Alger Association)

(BTW, Ed also hosted a game show called "Snap Judgement".)

First question: Things that people spread. Starting with:

1. Diseases (30, Ed)
2. Butter (25, Tiki)

The McMahons play. Pam says peanut butter, which is #4 (9)! Lex says the mayo first...bottom answer (5). Alex now tries jelly...#5 (6)! For an instant sweep, Sandy thinks the #3 answer is legs...nice try, but that doesn't work. Ed has the second chance but can't take advantage of it. Pam has the final chance but she also blanks, so it's steal time with 75 points at stake. Tiki's steal guess is the word...incorrect, because it's actually rumors/gossip (18), giving the McMahons the points.

Second question: Name a female's part of the body that's usually larger than a man's. Starting with:

1. Breasts/boobies (73, Pam)

The McMahons play again. Lex answers backside/butt...#2 (18)! Now to Alex with the Sandy then thinks of the hips...#3 (3)! Ed has the first chance to run the table this round but he blanks again. Pam then goes with the mouth on the second chance...shut her up, beause that's strike three. For 94, Tiki says the bottom answer is the gray matter/brain...yes indeed (2)!

Triple: Name something a man might ask for if he made a deal with the devil. Lex rings in first but blanks out. Geraldine allows her team to play for the first time with the #3 answer of women/sex (17). We then hear from Tess for the first time, and she says money...NUMBER ONE (46)! Geoff's guess is a fit body...can't do that. Over to Tiki, who now says to that, too. Ginny tries to avert a steal attempt with a car...three strikes in a row. For another 189, Ed goes with a career...also a dud, so the Barbers are at 283. Unsaid:

2. Immortality (17)
4. Power (10)

Sudden Death: Alex and Tess control both families' destinies with this question:

Name something that gets rubbed.

The top answer is back (75), and it's said by...Alex, so the McMahons get ten grand for their charity with 300 on the nose! Tess rung in first but said chin.

First question in championship game: According to 100 married men, name something you wouldn't want to see your wife folding in her hand when she's really mad at you. Beginning with:

1. Knife (56, Deion)

The Sanders family will play. Pilar then goes with frying pan...#2 (13)! Deion Jr.'s next response is a shoe...nope. Deiondra then goes with a set of divorce papers...#4 (5)! Annette's next guess is a Deion tries to stop a steal attempt with a gun...three strikes. For 74, Ed has a guess of credit, so the points go to Team Sanders. Not said:

3. Rolling pin (12)
5. Dinner/coffee (4)
6. Family jewels (3)

Second question: Name something a man notices when he's getting a big gut. Beginning this time with:

2. Going on a diet (19, Pilar)
3. Sucking in his stomach (18, Pam)

The five Sanders people play once more. This time, Deion Jr. says he's working out...NUMBER ONE (32)! Deiondra then goes with spare be exact, larger clothing is the bottom answer (8)! For a total clean sweep, Annette says getting a young girlfriend...I don't think so. Deion tries to do much better with complaining...also no good. Pilar has the last chance to sweep but runs out of time. For 77, Ed says liposuction...NO WAY, so the Sanders family are at 151. The #4 answer was ignoring it (18).

Triple: Things you think people do way too fast. Lex buzzes in with talking...that's #2 (27). Deion Jr. then goes with relationships...not there, so the McMahons will continue their quest towards forcing Sudden Death once again. Alex then says driving...NUMBER ONE (34)! Sandy's next guess is eating...#3 (27)! Ed blanks for the first strike. To automatically force Sudden Death, Pam says getting married..that's the bottom answer (3) for 273!

Sudden Death: It all comes down to this question between Alex and Deiondra. Here it is:

Name something that would be unwise to do at an office Christmas party.

The #1 answer is getting drunk (59)...and Alex has that to win the Horatio Alger Association another $15,000!

Fast Money: Trying to double the 25 to 50 are Pam and Lex.

1. Besides the lips, a part of the body people kiss.
2. Name something people put on celery before eating it.
3. A masculine color.
4. Name the age when one is toilet trained.
5. An item of jewelry people love to wear.

My guesses:
1. Cheeks
2. Dip
3. Black
4. 5
5. Diamond ring

Pam says forehead, peanut butter, black, 2 and diamonds for 117. Alex's first answer was hands...15. Second was salt...27. Third guess was red...12. For the age question, he goes with 1...5. His last answer is rings. Did 24 people say bet they did, because it's #1 for 47, so $50,000 will be going to the Horatio Alger Association! Unsaid #1 answers:

1. Cheeks
3. Blue
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