Thursday, July 17, 2008

DEBUT: "Reality Bites Back"

Starting this week, ten comedians over several weeks will compete on parodies of our favorite reality and/or game shows for a chance to win $50,000. Here are the comedians:

Amy Schumer
Bert Kreischer
Chris Fairbanks
Donnell Rawlings
Jeffrey Garcia
Kyle Cease
Mo Mandel
Red Grant
Theo Vonkurnatowski
Tiffany Haddish

Michael Ian Black, a former "Spy TV" host, is the host of the show.

For the first week, it's "Extreme Manipulation: Home Edition". This is a parody of "Big Brother".

Challenge #1: Seduce their parents while under night vision cameras in a secret room.

Kyle was the lucky one this week, because his mother couldn't make it to the taping- instead, a female model played the mother part!

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Jeffrey decided to withdraw from the show.

Challenge #2: Each comedian is asked a series of questions about their children. Any mismatch eliminates that comedian from the challenge. The last comedian standing gets to choose two people to send to the elimination round called "The Cutting Board".

1. What's your child's substance of choice?

Theo: Alcohol
Mom: Alcohol

Red: Alcohol
Mom: Alcohol

Donnell: Marijuana
Mom: Alcohol

Chris: Alcohol
Dad: Alcohol

Amy: Marijuana
Mom: Alcohol

Bert: Alcohol
Mom: Alcohol

Kyle: Alcohol
Mom: Alcohol

Mo: Alcohol
Mom: Alcohol

Tiffany: Marijuana
Mom: Alcohol

By this question, only five teams are left.

2. How many times has your child witnessed you forticating?

Theo: Never
Mom: Never

Red: Never
Mom: Never

Chris: 1-2 times
Dad: Never

Bert: Never
Mom: Never

Kyle: Never
Mom: 1-2 times

3. How many drinks does it take to get your child drunk?

Theo: 4-8
Mom: 4-8

Red: 2-3
Mom: 4-8

Bert: 4-8
Mom: 9+

Theo's the winner! He puts Donnell and Kyle up for elimination. The parents of the other comedians then voted to determine who got eliminated. The second comedian eliminated this season is...


...Kyle Cease.
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