Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Hell's Kitchen" 7/1

The final challenge for Louis Petrozza and Christina Machamer was to create their own restaurant.

Chef Ramsay didn’t like the rough draft of Petrozza’s menu. In the meantime, after both set up what they needed for their restaurant to begin, they were taken on a trip to NYC to visit one of Ramsay’s restaurants there; they got to spend a total of five nights at the adjacent hotel, and got just one night to observe what was going on in that restaurant.

HOWEVER, they also had to each cook their signature dish in NYC within 45 minutes.

Louis: Filet mignon with caramelized onion risotto
Christina: NY Strip Steak with herb compound butter, sweet corn succotash and roasted potatoes

Now, they were judged on their signature dishes by five of Chef Ramsay’s best executive chefs around the world: Mark Sargeant, Angela Hartnett, Stuart Gillies, Simone Zanoni and Josh Emett. The first contestant that got three votes won this challenge.

Mark and Angela voted for Petrozza, while Stuart and Simone voted for Machamer, leaving the deciding vote to Josh. The winner of the challenge was…

…Petrozza! As a result, he got to pick a sous chef first amongst the other contestants this season.. Whoopi Goldberg then made an appearance!

The sous chefs in play were: Bobby, Ben, Corey, Matt, Louross and Jennifer. Here were the first two selections by the contestants:

Louis: Bobby and Ben
Christina: Corey and Louross

We’ll learn the final selections, and begin the final competition, next week. Hope to see you then!
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