Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show" 7/1

Well, folks- we start off with Ben being too ill to continue, so he was sent home and Darcy was pulled straight out of the airport to get another chance on this show! The first challenge this time was a human gumball crane challenge. Here, one person was the human crane while the other team members controlled that person using their control buttons. The human crane’s job was to collect as many panda bears as they could from a pool also filled with balloons and drop them off into their team’s box. Each team had three minutes; the team who got more bears won. Darcy sat this challenge out for the Yellow Penguins, while Justin (Penguins) and Meaghan (Monkeys) were the human cranes.

(Note: At the first commercial break, Romu Kandu stole Chuck Woolery’s “2 and 2” line!!)

And the winners were…

Yellow Penguins: 10
Green Monkeys: 1

…by a landslide, the Yellow Penguins! They won a trip to a Japanese spa while the Green Monkeys went to an old parlor.

Elimination Round: Darcy went here for the second time in a row, this time facing Olga. Each player had three minutes to put mail packages to one of two mail slots while trying to withstand high winds and objects being tossed by her opponent. The one who got the fewest packages mailed was eliminated.

End result…

Darcy: 6
Olga: 5

…thanks to getting that last package in, Darcy caused Olga to go Off the Air.
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