Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show" 7/22

To start, the Yellow Penguins had to send one of their remaining four contestants to the Green Monkeys (they only had two players). They sent Cathy to the Green Monkeys.

Main Challenge ("Sticky Sticky Bang Bang!"): One member of each team got into a sticky suit and was stuck against a wall. The other two team members then threw balls at the person stuck on the wall and tried to get the balls to stick on his/her suit. However, the other team tried to pull that player out of the balls' way at all times. Each team got two minutes; the team who got more balls stuck on won.

Wearing the suits were Bilenda (Yellow Penguins) and Cathy (Green Monkeys).

The Yellow Penguins successfully stuck a whopping 24 balls. How about the Green Monkeys?...

...an unlucky 7, so the Penguins won and Cathy most likely went to the Elimination Round (this was their fourth win in a row)! The Penguins got to visit a shrine to meet some Shinto Priests, while the Monkeys were relegated to making mochi balls for a day.

Elimination Round ("You Swing and Hope for the Best!"): Cathy's opponent was Donnell. The players were determined by the Yellow Penguins because the Green Monkeys couldn't make a decision in time. Both players were given a wig. There were a series of swinging ropes and seven different doors. Three were solid while the others were breakable. Each player chose a rope and swung to the door of his/her choice. If they hit a door that broke, they would get hit several times by a gorilla and a panda mascot. Once they hit their three unbreakable doors and hit a button, the clock stopped. Whoever hit three unbreakable doors the fastest stayed in Japan.

Cathy was first, and her time was...2:05. She maxed out. As for Donnell...

...he did it in 1:07, so this night was a total wash for Cathy, as she had to pack her bags.
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