Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show" 7/29

After this episode, we will know the final four for next week's championship show.

Main Challenge ("You Stand Still! No, You Stand Still!"): Two players from each team are spun in a chair before they each attempt to cross to the other platform, while having to get past a pair of spinning discs in the middle of a course. One player had a set of keys while the other had a lock. Once they got to the other platforms and collected their respective items, they had to meet at the center platform and unlock themselves, then sit back down to stop the clock. The team with the best time wins.

(Note: The one with the keys on each team was the bride while the lock-wearing person was the groom for each team.)

Bilenda sits this one out for the Yellow Penguins.

The Yellow Penguins go first, with Justin as the groom and Andrew as the bride. Their time...1:09. They had trouble on the unlocking part.

Donnell was the bride while Meaghan was the groom for the Green Monkeys. Their time was...

...1:04, so by five seconds, they have ended their losing streak! These two have won a stay at a luxury hotel and got to eat anyhing they wanted to have cooked there. The Yellow Penguins, meanwhile, had to stay in a dirty castle hotel.

Elimination Round: It's Andrew vs. Belinda. This challenge is called "Clothes On, Clothes Off". Each player must run into the changing room and put on one of three costumes. In the next round, they must go to the next door and change into a different outfit. Three rounds are done; the one with the best total time wins.


Andrew: 2:18
Belinda: 2:09


Andrew: :57 (3:15)
Belinda: :53 (3:02)

ROUND 3: Belinda beats Andrew AGAIN, so the time doesn't matter and Andrew Kelly-Hayes immediately goes Off the Air.
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