Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show" Episode 3

Main Challenge: This was called "Pedal Fast or Big Splash". Here, two members of each team rode stationary bicycles while another team member rode a tricycle on a moving conveyor belt. The ones riding the stationary bikes had to pedal as fast as they could, because the faster they were on their bikes, the slower the treadmill would be for the one riding the tricycle. The objective was for the tricycle to stay between two red flags as long as possble before the person fell into a freezing pool of water. The team whose pair of tricyclists racked up the most time in the red zone won.

The tricycle riders were Cathy and Bilenda (Yellow Penguins) and Darcy and Meaghan (Green Monkeys).

Cathy only lasted five seconds in the target zone. As for Bilenda, she did much better with 33 seconds, for a final total of 38 seconds.

Meaghan went first for the Green Monkeys...and she spent 21 seconds in the zone. That meant Darcy needed to spend at least 18 seconds between the flags in order for the Green Monkeys to win...

...but she only rung up 13, so by a final tally of 38-34, the Yellow Penguins won again! This time, they won a VIP tour of the city's large fish market, the Tsukiji Fish Market. The Green Monkeys, meanwhile, had to spend a day as rice farmers on a field.

Elimination Round: Darcy was put here for the third week in a row, this time facing Meaghan. The challenge this time was called "You Look Funny Stuck on the Wall". Both ladies now wore sticky suits, and they now had to run up a ramp, jump on a trampoline and stick themselves on the wall, and now tried to stick as much of their body as possible into odd shapes. The player who got more of their body into the shape won a round. The first player to win three rounds sent the other player packing. Meaghan won the right to go first.

Round 1: Meaghan draws first blood.

Round 2: Meaghan is on target again for a 2-0 lead.

Round 3: Meaghan...scores the SWEEP! That means Darcy had to say Sayonara for good.
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