Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show"- Episode 4

The first challenge tonight is called "Big Baby Go Boom". Here, both teams of three had to start on a spinning circular platform and everyone's wearing baby suits. One at a time, each person attempted to fill their cup with some milk while on some smaller circular platforms. Then, they had to get to the end of the course and deposit their milk in a big bottle. The team with the most milk successfully deposited in three minutes won. The Yellow Penguins choose to sit Bilenda out.

Cathy got the Yellow Penguins off to a bad start when she brought NO milk to the big jug. Andrew went second and got his team on the board. Justin added more milk.

Donnell had the same bad start as Cathy did on the Green Monkeys. Meaghan did OK on her turn, but Mary did the best job of anybody tonight. But was it enough to win?...

...NO, so the Yellow Penguins win a trip to a soba-noodle making place! The Green Monkeys had to settle for shucking some clam shells.

Elimination Round: It's Donnell vs. Mary in the "Big Chicken Butt Scramble". Both are wearing chicken masks. Here, both players had to dip themselves into a pool of oil, then slide down and roll into a pool of chicken feathers before going into a pool full of chicken eggs. They can only break the eggs with their butts. The one who broke fewer eggs in two minutes went home.

By a final tally of 11-10...

...Mary Greenawalt went Sayonara.
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