Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"The Mole" 6/30

As of right now, I believe Craig is The Mole. IMO, The Mole is supposed to do some of the dirtiest things in this game, which might’ve very well included faking an illness last week so that he could get a potential advantage in the quiz.

MISSION #9: The remaining contestants were tied up to several chains in a jail-like structure. This was done so that only one person at a time could reach a cell behind the host. Inside the cell was a key that would unlock each one’s chains. Every ten minutes, the cell’s door would open and everyone then had only a minute to grab the key so that they could unlock themselves. If everybody got free before sunrise, $25,000 was added to the pot.

However, also in the cell was an exemption card- if one person got it, the mission was over and not only would that person be exempted this week, no money would be added to the pot and those left in chains would have to sleep in the cold for the rest of the night.

Craig was the first player to get free. The second to free herself was Kristen. Paul was third…and after some thought, he decided to free himself. Clay freed himself fourth. Nicole was fifth…

…she freed herself. Alex went next…

…he got free, so Mark would decide to either add $25,000 to the pot or get exempt. And his decision was…

…to add the cash to the pot!

NEW POT TOTAL: $177,000

Shortly after that, everyone got new journals!

After having dinner, they traveled to Mendoza, Argentina.

There was some tension between Paul and some other players while Paul was driving a van.

MISSION #10: The players were divided into three teams of two. Using various forms of transportation, the teams had to travel about 5.5 miles to a statue called Serro de la Gloria. For each team that made it there, $10,000 was added to the pot.

However, because Craig was the first player to say the word “exemption” during breakfast, he was exempt from this mission. Instead, Craig formed the three teams and designated a form of transportation for each team. If no team made it to the statue within 45 minutes, Craig would get an exemption this week. Here was the setup:

Alex: Conquistador outfit with a donkey
Mark: SCUBA gear with flippers

Clay: Unicycle
Kristen: Stilts

Nicole: Llama head
Paul: Llama rear

As it turned out…

THE OTHER SIX CHEATED!!! Hence, Craig automatically got the exemption and nothing was added to the pot.


1. Is The Mole male or female?

2. In the “All for One” mission, from the host’s perspective, where was The Mole chained (from left to right)?

3. In “All for One”, when did The Mole grab the key?

4. During “All for One”, did The Mole get inside of a sleeping bag?

5. During the “Travelers” mission, what was The Mole wearing- shorts or pants?

6. In “Travelers”, what form of transportation was originally assigned to The Mole?

7. Who was The Mole paired with during “Travelers”?

8. At breakfast before “Travelers”, where was The Mole sitting (clockwise from Jon)?

9. Has The Mole ever earned an exemption?

10. Who is The Mole?

For the second time in a row, somebody was executed because they were too slow on their quiz. In this case, they were just a second too slow. The sixth player eliminated this season (and the fifth executed) was…



…Kristen Willeumier.
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