Monday, July 14, 2008

"The Mole" 7/14

After a week off for "The Batchlorette" season finale to shine, we're back to start the second half of the season. Remember, the current pot stands at $177,000.

MISSION #11: One team of three consisted of thinkers, while the other team consisted of runners. The teams:

Runners: Mark, Alex & Clay (Captain: Mark)
Thinkers: Nicole, Paul and Craig (Captain: Paul)

The thinkers were asked seven different multiple-choice brainteasers. Each answer choice corresponded to a series of directional coordiantes that Paul had to convey to their runners. The correct answer choice for each question would yield the directions to the location of one of seven bottles of wine. For each one they found and brought back at the end, $10,000 was put into the pot. The mission ended if Mark fell off a treadmill at any time; after a bottle of wine was successfully brought back, the treadmill's speed increased.

1. From the following list of words, choose the word that doesn't fit.

Ice, cheese, chocolate, plastic, wood

A: Chocolate
B: Wood
C: Ice
D: Cheese

2. Which number should replace the question mark?


A: 5
B: 3
C: 8
D: 2

3. Some months have 30 days, others have 31 days. In a single year, how many months have 28 days?

A: 1
B: 2
C: 12
D: 6

4. How many ways can you read ABC off the diamond?


A: 4
B: 6
C: 12
D: None of the above

5. Which number should come next in this sequence: 2, 6, 3, 9, 6, 18, 15, 45, 42, ?

A: 39
B: 120
C: 126
D: None of the above

6. "Jim is taller than Kevin, and Walter is shorter than Jim."

Which of the following statements would be most accurate?

A: Walter is taller than Kevin
B: Walter is shorter than Kevin
C: Walter is as tall as Kevin
D: None of the above

7. Read this story:

"Every morning at 9 AM, my wine cellar receives a delivery of 22 bottles of wine, all of which are stored in the cellar. Every afternoon at 5 PM I remove 12 bottles from my wine cellar and give them away to friends. No other bottles enter or leave my wine cellar, except at these two times. On January 1st at 8 AM, I had 400 bottles in my wine cellar."

On what date in January did my wine cellar first contain more than 500 bottles of wine?

A: January 9
B: January 10
C: January 11
D: January 12

The correct answers:

1. Wood
2. 3
3. 12
4. 12
5. 126
6. None of the above
7. January 9

In the end...


NEW POT TOTAL: $247,000

MISSION #12: They stood over a bridge that crossed the Mendoza River. One at a time, each player bungee jumped towards the river and tried to toss a tea bag into a green square target. The closer they were to the bullseye, the more money that would be added to the pot. Before each player jumped, they were asked to predict how much the team would earn in this mission; the one whose guess was the closest without going over earned an exemption.

BULLSEYE: $10,000
Closest ring: $8,000
Middle ring: $6,000
Outermost ring: $4,000

1. Mark:
Prediction: $10,000

2. Paul:
Prediction: $12,000

3. Clay:
Prediction: $14,000

4. Craig:
Prediction: $20,000

5. Alex:
Target: $4,000
Prediction: $15,000

6. Nicole:
Prediction: $48,000

NEW POT TOTAL: $251,000

This was not a good mission at all, as not much was made here and nobody got the exemption because everybody's guesses were over.


1. Is The Mole male or female?

2. In "The Grapes of Cache" mission, did The Mole help solve the brain teasers?

3. Was The Mole wearing a collared shirt during "The Grapes of Cache"?

4. In "The Grapes of Cache", which group was The Mole part of?

5. At wine and cheese after "The Grapes of Cache" mission, starting from Jon, where was The Mole sitting (going clockwise)- first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth?

6. In the "Swing Out" mission, how many players jumped off the bridge before The Mole did?

7. In "Swing Out", where did The Mole's exemption guess rank from highest to lowest?

8. In "Swing Out", how much did The Mole earn for the pot?

9. In "Swing Out", how much did The Mole guess to win an exemption?

10. Who is The Mole?

Somebody lost on the first reveal. And that unlucky person was...


...Alex Jacobs.
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