Monday, July 21, 2008

"The Mole" 7/21

Remember, the pot now stands at $251,000 and five contestants are left.

TONIGHT'S FIRST MISSION: There was one team of three called "smart players" while the other team of two was considered a team of "dumb players".



Both teams were given a series of clues that they had to decipher. The answers to the clues were scattered all over the city of Mendoza, and they were all number answers that each team had to enter into a computer, located at the start. The smart team had to punch in three different answers, while the dumb team had to enter five different answers. If both teams were successful, $30,000 went into the pot. 70 minutes were put on the clock. Nobody was allowed to write their numbers down.

The preliminary clue for the smart team:

Find the plaza that was donated to the city of Medoza by the Spanish government.

Part one of the first clue:

1. Subtract the year Columbus landed in the New World from the year of the inauguration of the Plaza (1947 - 1492 = 455).

Mark thought it was 439.

The smart team IDed the opening plaza as Plaza Espana, while the dumb team headed to Plaza Italia. Their first clue:

1. Calculate the number of teeth on the wolf statue, plus the number of points on the Star Without a Face on the main statue (8 + 5 = 13)

The second part of the first clue for the smart team:

Add the number of tiles on the Argentine Code of Arms , minus the ship and the tents (the team now had their answer as 610).

For the dumb team's second clue, they had 21. Their third clue:

3. Add together the following: The number of slides multiplied by six, the number of seesaws multiplied by nine and the number of swings multipled by 5 plus six sides of something else plus 28 (12 + 18 + 25 + 6 + 28 = 89)

After that, the dumb team went to Plaza Independencia.

The second clue the smart team got was 4,181.

The dumb team's fourth clue:

4. While looking at the Plaza Independcia's founding plaque, subtract the year the plaza was built from the year the plaza was renovated (1995 -1863 = 132). Then, add the number of months on the Argentinian calendar (12).

Then, the dumb team went back to Plaza Italia for their final clue:

Calculate the number of columns in the central area of the plaza (32) plus the number of orange pieces in the tops and the playground area, plus the number of land posts with green tops.

The dumb team's guess for the last clue was 228.

Meanwhile, the smart team got lost trying to get to their final destination because possibly of Paul. At that point, only 15 minutes were left on the clock. Their final answer was 2,584.

Only the last two digits of the dumb team's final answer was incorrect when all the numbers were typed in. Thus, one member of the dumb team had one more chance to re-calculate the right answer. Craig got the honors while Nicole went back out to the park.

The final answer for the dumb team's final clue was 233...

...RIGHT for $30,000!

NEW POT TOTAL: $281,000

While Mark and Clay were talking to each other, they thought either Nicole or Craig was The Mole. While Clay was talking to Nicole, they both thought Craig was The Mole (Mark thought it was Nicole).

Everybody then flew to Buenos Aires for their next mission.

SECOND MISSION TONIGHT: Up to $50,000 could've been placed into the pot if they were successful. To start, each player chose one of the other four that they felt they could trust the most.

Mark- Clay
Paul- Mark
Craig- Clay
Clay- Nicole
Nicole- Mark

Everyone's friends and/or families were riding on a train. The players now took a train aboard the Los Incas Train Station. In each round, one player on each team was asked a series of 30 questions about the other's loved ones, then the host asked five of the questions to the other member of that team. If that player got three out of five right, the train would open and not only would the first person get to see their loved ones, $10,000 would be added to the pot.

We started with Craig & Clay.

1. Describe Brendi in one word.
GUESS: Amazing

2. Who is Brendi's favorite musician or musical group?
GUESS: Kroll

3. What is Brendi's lifetime goal?
GUESS: On a farm

4. What is Brendi's favorite color?
GUESS: Purple

5. What is Craig's funniest memory of Brendi?

RESULT: OPEN ($10,000; Brendi is Craig's friend)

The results for the other teams:

CLAY & NICOLE: OPEN (Kim is Clay's wife; the pot is now over 300 grand!)
MARK & NICOLE: OPEN (Ledora is Nicole's mother)
CLAY & MARK: OPEN (Brenda is Mark's wife)
PAUL & MARK: OPEN FOR A CLEAN SWEEP! (Alexa is Paul's wife and Tori is a child of theirs)

NEW POT TOTAL: $331,000


1. Is The Mole male or female?

2. During the "Go Figure" mission, was The Mole wearing a hat?

3. During "Go Figure", did The Mole return to the park to recalculate one of the answers?

4. Which team was The Mole part of in "Go Figure"?

5. In the "Ticket to Ride" mission, who did The Mole pick as their most trusted player- Clay, Mark or Nicole?

6. In "Ticket to Ride", how many people chose The Mole as their most trusted player- 0, 1 or 2?

7. In "Ticket to Ride", who was The Moles loved one (s)?

8. During "Ticket to Ride", in what order did The Mole see their loved ones?

9. During drinks before "Ticket to Ride", from Jon's perspective, where was The Mole sitting (from right to left)?

10. Who is The Mole?

The next contestant out of the running is...


...Clay Cauley. His elimination stategy backfired on him this time.
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