Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Nashville Star" 7/21

This week, everybody did an original song.

First up this week was Coffey with “Southern Man”. Jeffrey thought it was a novelty song but thought he did a good job. John didn’t think that could be a country hit. Jewel liked the fact that the song talked about himself. I gave him a 7.

Second to advance was Melissa Lawson, and she did “Ready to Stand”. Jewel liked it. Jeffrey thought it was great, and John thought she was getting better and better every week. I gave her a 10!

Then, all of the judges performed a medley of their own songs!

The last contestant to definitely advance was…

…Gabe Garcia! His song this week was “Lost Weekend”. Jeffrey thought everything was great. John said he didn’t fully connect with the audience, even though he sung great. Jewel told him to continue not being generic. I gave him a 9.

That left Ashlee Hewitt and Shawn Mayer in this week’s bottom two.

Hewitt’s song was titled “My Tart Lemonade”. Jewel thought she was herself and the song was great. Jeffrey thought he was impressed with her songwriting at her young age. John said that if she got eliminated, he would be willing to give her a record deal after the season was over. I gave her a 9 also.

Mayer then sang “I’m Not Looking Back”. I really liked this song, as did all the judges, so I gave her a 10!

But something had to give at the end. The lady who didn’t make it to the final four and wouldn’t be back until two weeks from now was…

Ashlee Hewitt
Shawn Mayer

…Ashlee Hewitt.
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