Monday, July 14, 2008

"The Next Food Network Star" 7/13

The four remaining contestants were flown to Vegas! After they got a look at one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants in the area, it was time for the night’s challenge.

There were two one-on-one “Throwdowns”- Lisa vs. Adam and Kelsey vs. Aaron. Each one was 75 minutes long. In both “Throwdowns”, each contestant had to make their own signature dish while also trying to better their opponent’s signature dish. Along the way, they were interviewed by “Extra” reporter Dayna Devon.

The guest judge this time was Paula Deen. This challenge took place outdoors.

Here were the signature dishes in the Lisa vs. Adam matchup:

Lisa: Cassoulet- a slow-cooked dish of white beans and meats
Adam: Macaroni and cheese

In Adam’s macaroni and cheese, he threw in some lobster. Lisa handled the interview part much better than Adam did.

Adam’s macaroni and cheese, as I figured, was more superior than Lisa’s (Paula didn’t like Lisa’s version whatsoever), while Lisa hammered Adam with her version of the Cassoulet (Bobby Flay thought her version was the best he’s ever tasted).

Here were the signature dishes for the other matchup:

Kelsey: Chicken parmigiane
Aaron: Stuffed pork loin

During her interview segment, Kelsey made a potentially fatal error by saying something about what she learned the most from culinary school. In addition, Aaron didn’t start making his version of the Chicken Parmigiane until there were about 20 minutes to go, prompting a nasty look by Lisa.

Aaron’s chicken dish was a tad better than Kelsey’s, and he also beat Kelsey with his pork loin.

I have a feeling Lisa Garza was toast…

…but she was safe. The one who did get cut was…


…Kelsey Nixon. I have a feeling that culinary school comment got her.
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