Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Reality Bites Back"- Episode 3

This week, it's the reverse version of "The Biggest Loser"- "The Biggest Chubby". Here, the player who gains the most weight this week gets immunity. Starting weights for everybody:

Theo: 184.2
Bert: 214.4
Amy: 144
Chris: 153.4
Mo: 180.4
Tiffany: 144
Red: 225

The trainers are Levell and Billy. Here are the team setups:

Lavell (Red): Amy, Mo, Bert and Red
Bill (Blue): Tiffany, Theo, Chris

The training rooms had their training equipment made out of food!

Challenge: After both teams stuffed themselves in the training rooms, they went outside to dive in pools of about 3,000 pounds of custard. One member of each team was chosen to eat as much of their custard as possible; the one who eat more won the challenge for his/her team. The eaters are Red and Theo. Out of 17.5 pounds, the one who ate more was...

...Theo, so the Blue Team won!

After everybody got a chance to eat from a big supply of cheeseburgers, it was time for the final weigh-ins.

Bert: 223.8 (4.4%)
Tiffany: 147.4 (2.4%)
Theo: 193.2 (4.9%)
Amy: 145.9 (1.3%)
Red: 233.6 (3.8%)
Chris: 162.6 (6%)

For Mo to definitely move on to next week, he needed to have gained at least 12 pounds, thus needing to go up to 192.4 or more. His new weight was... hundred and ninety....

...THREE POINT THREE, so he won immunity!

From then on, contestants took turns at picking people to move on to the next episode. The one who didn't get picked was eliminated.

Mo: Theo
Theo: Chris
Chris: Amy
Amy: Red

That leaves Bert and Tiffany. The fourth comedian eliminated is...


...Tiffany Haddish.
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