Thursday, July 03, 2008

"So You Think You Can Dance"- Top 14

This week, each team had to dance twice; thus, this was going to be the most packed competition episode in this show’s history! Joining Nigel and Mary on the judges panel this week was Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo.

First up were Jessica and Will with the Jive to “Choo Choo Ch’Boogie” from the play “Five Guys Named Moe”. Napoleon and Tabitha thought it was good, although Napoleon thought Jessica got off to somewhat of a bad start. Mary, however, noticed a lot of missed connections in the performance. Nigel said that Jessica’s place was off in several spots. I gave them a 6.

Second, the new team of Comfort and Thayne did a Broadway routine to “Cool” by Bernstein and Sondheim. Napoleon and Tabitha liked the looks of this new team. Mary agreed but Nigel thought the performance just wasn’t there. I gave them a 7.

Third, Kourtni and Matt tried a Hip-Hop routine with the song “How Do I Breathe” by Mario. Tabitha and Napoleon thought they did good on a difficult routine, but Napoleon thought it wouldn’t be that good enough if this competition was totally hip-hop oriented. Mary thought it was average, as did Nigel. I gave this performance a 6.

Fourth, the team of Chelsie and Mark did some Jazz to “Kiss Kiss” by Holly Vance. Napoleon and Tabitha thought they did well telling a story. Mary loved it, as did Nigel. I gave them an 8.

Team #5 was Kherington and Twitch, and they first did the Pasa Doble to “Malaguena”. Tabitha and Napoleon sensed that this team started slowly on this dance and built from there. Mary thought the performance was full of passion but was just OK. Nigel thought it was a very entertaining performance. My score was a 7.

Sixth were Katee and Joshua, doing a Contemporary routine to “Hometown Glory” by Adele. Tabitha and Napoleon thought it was very well done. Mary said this team continued to not miss a beat and Nigel thought they did very well on a difficult routine. I gave them a 9 here!

The last team in line, Courtney and Gev, first did some Hip-Hop to “Lights, Camera, Action!” by Mr. Cheeks. Napoleon thought Gev wasn’t playful enough in some spots. The other two judges agreed that Courtney did much better than Gev did in this performance. I gave them a 7.

Jessica and Will’s second performance was a Lyrical Jazz routine to “Alone” by Heart. The Dumos thought the choreography was clever, but thought at times Jessica was holding down Will. Mary thought the dance was fiery and she did her scream. While Nigel liked it also, he told Jessica to stop worrying about herself and focus on the fact that she’s a very good dancer. I gave them an 8 this time, for an average of 7.

Comfort and Thayne’s second performance was a Smooth Waltz to “Hov Arek Sarer Jan” by New Age Armenia. Tabitha wasn’t that crazy about Thayne making a phony gesture to the camera at one point during the performance. Mary and Nigel liked it overall. I gave this team another 7.

Kourtni and Matt then danced the Mambo to “Ban-Con-Tim” by Super All-Star. The Dumos thought it was average. Mary really liked Kourtni but wasn’t that excited for Matt. Nigel figured it would be a tough routine and thought it was OK. I gave them another 6.

Chelsie and Mark next tried the Fox Trot as the song “It’s My Life” by Paul Anka was playing. The Dumos again said they were fun to watch. Mary said some of the choreography was difficult but she thought they managed to pull it off. Nigel, however, thought Mark was uncomfortable on stage this time. I gave them a 7 for an average of 7.5.

Next, Kherington and Twitch did a Contemporary routine to “Dreaming With a Broken Heart” by John Mayer. The Dumos thought it was awesome as did Mary, and Nigel thought this team was 100% committed to the performance. I gave them a 9, for an average of 8.

Katee and Joshua did this routine next to try and prove they were the team to beat in this competition- the West Coast Swing to “Shake It” by Brother Yusef. The Dumos thought it was good but said Joshua got off focus at times. Mary enjoyed it as did Nigel, but Nigel said this dance wasn’t their style. I gave them an 8 for an average of 9.

In the last dance of the night, Courtney and Gev did some Broadway action to the song “New York, New York”. Everybody thought it was very well done, so I gave them an 8 for an average of 7.5.

I’m pretty sure Kourtni and Matt will be in this week’s bottom three.
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