Monday, July 14, 2008

TPIR 7/14

Only four shows left in The Dob’s tenure.

Today’s first four are Jaron Goodson, Sheila Dombroski, Dorothy Davis and Jeremy Perry. The first IUFB is a drum set (Shane).

Jeremy: $1,350
Dorothy: $1,000
Shiela: $1,650
Jaron: $1,351 (he originally wanted to bid $1,651)

ARP: $3,790, so had Jaron stuck with $1,651, he would’ve won.

Instead, it’ll be Sheila getting the season’s last playing of Five Price Tags, and she’s playing it for a Dodge Grand Caravan (Phire). The choices for it:


The price tags are brought out by Shane. If she gets at least two of the small items correct, she should win this van no problem.

The first one is a set of headphones marked at $40 (Amber) and she says False…True. I could’ve sworn they were at least $100. Second is a can opener (Phire) marked at $31 and she tries False again…$18, so she’s on the board. Third is an electronic grocery list organizer (Amber) with a wrong price of $163 and she says False…sure enough, it’s just $132. Finally is a universal wireless key system (Phire) with an incorrect price of $12 and she sticks with False…$38.

With three picks, I guaran-damn-tee she’ll win this van. She’s wrong at $19,621 first. Her second guess is $18,773 and she’s wrong again. Her final guess is…$22,525 and she wins! She gave yours truly and the audience a heart attack here!

Coming on down next is Andrew Minilla (obviously not from Manila, Philippines) and the second IUFB is a bookcase (Amber).

Andrew: $2,200
Jaron: $950
Jeremy: $1,450
Dorothy: $2,250

ARP: $1,100

Will Jaron have as much luck as that lady who won over $90K on an MDS with that same last name? We’ll find out at least while playing It’s In the Bag (the $16K sign and products are shown off by Shane and Phire). The products today are Freeze Away, banana nut muffins, pineapple slices, Icy-Hot lotiion, eye drops and a small can of Pringles. Here are his guesses:

$.79 - Pringles
$13.99- Freeze Away
$1.79- Pineapple slices
$3.39- Muffins
$7.99- Eye drops

He’s right about the chips and the Freeze Away. I got worried when we went on with the pineapple slices…but he’s right about them for $4,000! He then goes on with the muffins at $3.39...sure enough, he now has $8,000! Now, for the $16K bag. When he placed the eye drops there, the audience didn’t like it. He decides to go with the audience and bail out at $8,000. Was the audience right…yup, the Icy-Hot was in the last bag instead!

Lizeth Espinoza now comes on down and the third IUFB is a Crosley jukebox (Amber). We may have a new daytime IUFB record with this prize.

Lizeth: $2,100
Jeremy: $2,500
Dorothy: $2,700
Andrew: BUCK

ARP: $1,496, so this must’ve been one cheap jukebox.

And that one buck bid by Andrew Minilla (hailing from Roland Heights, CA) means he’ll play Magic Number for dinnerware (Shane) and a Stairmaster (Phire). He sets his Magic Number at $1,549. The Stairmaster is $2,579...but the dinnerware is just $1,643.

Andrew ($1,496): 60 + 35 = $.95
Jaron ($9,100): 10 + 75 = $.85
Sheila ($26,503): 45 + 35 = $.80

Andrew will try to do much better in today’s Showcase.

Rich then yells the magic words to Kathrine Pool and the fourth IUFB is a laptop (Phire).

Kathrine: $2,150
Lizeth: $1,400
Jeremy: $2,300
Dorothy: $800

ARP: $1,499

Lizeth Espinoza from Chula Vista, CA plays Coming or Going for a bed (Amber). If she’s Coming, her guess would be $4,397. If she’s Going, she would be guessing $7,934 for the bed. She comes to $4,397 and wins!

The next “Come on Down” announcement goes to Aliyah Brown and the fifth IUFB is a lawn mower and hedger (Shane).

Aliyah: $1,100
Jeremy: $1,550
Dorothy: $1,200
Kathrine: $750

ARP: $1,243

Dorothy Davis, who’s been a teacher for 42 years, plays Cover Up for a Dodge Avenger (Std., Sport, Stereo, Mouldings, Mats, Video)(Amber). Board:

First number: 2 or 4?
Second number: 1, 6 or 9?
Third number: 0, 1, 2 or 8?
Fourth number: 0, 1, 2, 3 or 8?
Last number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 9?

It’s possible we may get an EXACTA here today. Her first guess is…$21,805, so she has the last two numbers wrong. Second guess is $21,820 and she now has the 0 right. Her final guess is $21,830 and she wins! She played this pretty good.

Teresita Javier is the last one to enter Contestant’s Row on the day and the final IUFB is a wall clock (Amber and Phire).

Teresita: $450
Katherine: $900
Aliah: $999
Jeremy: $1,000

ARP: $613, so Jeremy goes to the First Four Breakfast Club.

Teresita meanwhile plays Double Prices for a pair of motorcycles (Shane). They’re either $6,698 or $5,103. Does she choose $6,698 for the win…yes!

Save for It’s In the Bag and Magic Number, Roger’s in the generous spirit today.

Lizeth ($5,896): 60 + 20 = $.80
Teresita ($7,311): 50 + 30 (plus one DUD spin)= $.80
Dorothy ($23,073): WINS $1,000 AND SHOWCASE BERTH!

In Dorothy’s Bonus Spin…only 45 cents.

The first Showcase has Phire playing a character called Junkyard Julie. First, she spots a pot that she could use as a helmet while riding her new bike (Shane). Second, she finds a rusty chain, which she can wear as a special piece of jewelry on her trip to NYC (Shane). Finally, she finds lots of Styrofoam bricks, which she can use as a substitute for a life vest in the event she falls from her new Reinell 18” ski boat (Amber)! Dorothy goes for it.



For Andrew, we have a living room, a gemstone globe (Shane) and a trip to Hong Kong (Amber).



BID: $14,750
ARP: $18,260

BID: $22,000
ARP: $26,947

Andrew wins his Showcase and $19,756 in prizes while Dorothy leaves with $24,073 in cash and prizes.

Neither one is today’s top winner though; Sheila is with $26,503 in stuff including a new van.

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