Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TPIR 7/16

TPIR: We only have today’s and tomorrow’s episodes to go.

Today’s opening contestants are Adam Woodford, Alana White, Miles England and Heather Estes. Drew comes out of that middle door and the first IUFB is a home theater sound system (Shane).

Adam: $1,300
Alana: $899
Miles: $800
Heather: $900

ARP: $1,597

Adam Woodford from Florida (who sat in yesterday’s audience) plays One Right Price for a daybed (Shane) and a Heartland refrigerator/freezer (Amber). Today’s One Right Price is $5,065 (Phire) and he knows that’s the price of the refrigerator/freezer! The daybed was

(Note: During this game, Drew just realized the show’s taping in HD now; he mistakenly thought we were playing One Wrong Price instead.)

The next “Come on Down” goes to Joyce Drake and the second IUFB is a rug (Amber).

Joyce: $1,500
Alana: $1,199
Miles: $1,200
Heather: $1,201

ARP: $2,498

Joyce Drake plays the season’s last playing of Switcheroo for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, AC, Prots, EBH, Cargo)(Phire). Board:

Car: $ 1 8, 6 _ 1
Electric peeler: $ _ 2
Digital camcorder: $ _ 3
CD cabinet: $ _ 6
Soy milk maker: $ _ 7

NUMBERS AVAILABLE: 2, 3, 4, 8 & 9

My guesses:

Car: $18,621
Electric peeler: $32
Digital camcorder: $93
CD cabinet: $46
Soy milk maker: $87

Her first guesses:

Car: $18,621
Electric peeler: $92
Digital camcorder: $83
CD cabinet: $46
Soy milk maker: $37

Three are right! But she decides to switch the car and the peeler to $18,691 and $22 respectively…BAD IDEA. She wins the $83 digital camcorder and the $46 CD cabinet. The car, of course, was $18,621. Other right answers:

Electric peeler: $32
Soy milk maker: $97

Coming on down next is Linda Tyler and the third IUFB is a ceramic grill (Phire).

Linda: $950
Alana: $899
Miles: $500
Heather: $951

ARP: $1,699

Heather Estes, a student from the University of Alabama, plays the season’s final playing of Take Two for a sleeper sofa (Shane), a home gym (Shane and Phire), a silver coffee/tea set (Amber and Phire) and an off-road vehicle. Today’s target is $4,178. She picks the sofa and the set- the sofa is $1,679 and the coffee/tea set is $1,425, for a total of just $3,104. She then swaps the coffee/tea set for the home gym. That home gym must cost $2,499...but it’s just $800. The ATV was the $2,499 prize.

Linda ($1,699): $.65
Joyce ($2,627): 55 + 55 = OVER
Adam ($10,861): Dime + 80 = WINS AT $.90

The only winner so far today gets to the Showcase.

Rich then yells the magic words to Matthew Hammett and the fourth IUFB is golf equipment (Shane).

Matthew: $675
Linda: $999
Alana: $925
Miles: $1,000

ARP: $1,170

That extra dollar means Miles England, a recent high school graduate, plays Now or Then for a dining room (Amber) worth $4,370. Then is March 1997. Products today are Pantene shampoo marked at $3.99, Aspercreme marked at $6.79, Mentadent marked at $3.91, Gold Bond Powder marked at $7.20, sweet cherry peppers marked at $2.15 and Fiber Choice marked at $12.49.
He starts with the shampoo and says NOW…no. He then goes with the Fiber Choice and is right with NOW. Next are the peppers and he says THEN, like most of the audience…NOW. That means he must get the other three products right to win. He goes with the Mentadent and says NOW…game over.

The magic words then go in the ears of Steven Guerrero and the fifth IUFB is a water bounce platform (Amber and Phire).

Steven: $450
Matthew: $850
Linda: $895
Alana: $699

ARP: $900

Linda Tyler, a lunch lady from Tampa, plays Lucky Seven for a Jeep Wrangler (Std., Paint, AC, Prot, Speakers)(Shane). First number is 1. Her second number guess is 5, but it’s just 1, so she’s down to $3. Third number guess is 4...

$ 2 1, 5 _ _

…she’s down to $2. Fourth number guess is 6...

$ 2 1, 5 3 _

…she’s done. ARP: $21,534. If she had done alright with the second number, she would’ve won had she chosen 5 the rest of the way out.

The last called down contestant is Tina Tolls and the final IUFB is a digital camera.

Tina: $600
Alana: $1,000
Steven: $1,100
Matthew: $1,101

ARP: $968, so Alana’s off to the First Four Breakfast Club.

Tina plays the Balance Game for a watercraft (Amber and Phire). The last three numbers are 2, 9 and 8. The dollar values available are $4,000, $5,000 and $7,000. She places the $4,000 and $5,000 bags on the scales, thus agreeing with me that the price is $9,!

Linda ($900): $.65
Miles ($1,170): 20 + 45 = $.65
Tina ($10,266): 20 + 55= WINS AT $.75

That means that the only two winners of the day are in the Showcase.

The first Showcase features prizes related to certain inkblots. First, we see a card table inkblot, which means you can win a trip to Vegas. Second, there’s a mother-in-law inkblot, which stands for a possible visit with her on a trip to Switzerland. Finally, with a bear-like inkblot, it can remind people of the encounters campers may have with a new Prowler trailer. The psychologists were played by Amber and Shane while the prizes were modeled by Phire.



For Tina, we have a wooden dinette, a popcorn cart, an air hockey table (Phire) and a player piano (Amber and Shane).



BID: $27,500
ARP: $36,560

BID: $18,000
ARP: $17,480

Adam has a very nice day today- he takes home $47,421 in prizes!

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