Thursday, July 03, 2008

Update on "Wheel of Fortune" $1M twist

Today, Broadcasting & Cable confirmed that the format for the million dollar wedge from the now-cancelled Austrailian version of the show will carry over to the upcoming season of "Wheel of Fortune" here in the United States. For those of you that never saw any YouTube or Veoh clips of "Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune" from Austrailia, here's how the million dollar wedge works:

The million dollar wedge is similar to the Bankrupt/$10,000/Bankrupt wedge we've been using since the 1994-95 season, except that "Million" or some form of that replaces "$10,000". If you land on it and call a correct consonant, you get to pick it up, and if you can solve the puzzle that round, you get to hold on to it. HOWEVER, YOU WILL LOSE IT if you should hit a Bankrupt in any of the later rounds. If you should become the night's champion and still have that wedge intact, the $1,000,000 envelope will be made available on the Bonus Wheel that night for the bonus round.
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