Sunday, July 27, 2008

What irked me during "The Next Food Network Star" finale

I personally would like to say that the finale of "The Next Food Network Star" wasn't executed properly. Yeah, at the start of the season, I did hear that the selection committee would be deciding the winner this time around instead of the home viewers as in seasons past. Under futher review, it was said this was done because last season's winner, Amy Finley, had her show cancelled fairly quickly. Also, they taped the finale instead of airing it live. By doing that, they exposed a danger of having it spoiled by another source. Click this link to a Realty TV Magazine article to see what I mean. Furthermore, Wikipedia said that the winning moment was accidentally posted by a employee on the network's website!

Yeah, I'm OK with Aaron winning, but I'm not sure if America would've agreed with the committee on the final decision. Also, throughout the season, I saw graphics telling America to go vote for who they thought would win; what's the point in putting them up when the committee was going to decide the winner this season?

After this season, I'm not sure if I'm going to watch this show anymore.
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