Friday, August 08, 2008

"Big Brother X" 8/7

The next eviction voting was the tightest of the season so far, because after six votes, the tally was tied at three apiece. Michelle, Bryan and Jerry voted for Memphis while Libra, Keesha and Renny voted for Jessie. Thus, since Dan was America’s Player, America casted the deciding vote…

…Jessie Godderz was evicted, so he left with nothing.

HoH Competition: Late at night, the remaining houseguests were suddenly awakened by some loud, recorded wake-up calls. Later, they were asked a series of T/F questions about those wake up calls. If only one was left standing before time ran out, that player became the new Head of Household.

1. One wake-up call warned them to get the squirrels out of these before they drove them nuts.

Everybody got it right with True.

2. One caller told the houseguests that there was meatloaf in the kitchen.

Jerry: False
Dan: False
Memphis: False
Libra: False
Renny: True
Bryan: True
Michelle: False
Keesha: False

Answer: False, so Renny and Bryan Ollie were eliminated.

3. At the end of the drill sergeant’s orders, he blew a whistle.

Jerry: True
Dan: True
Memphis: True
Libra: False
Michelle: False
Keesha: True

Answer: False, so only Libra and Michelle were left.

4. One called told you to “Come and get it; slop is served to fatten you all up so you can strong, hungry competitors”.

Libra: False
Michelle: True

The correct answer was…

…True, so Michelle became the new HoH!

Next time, ten former contestants return to face the current houseguests in a special game!
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