Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"America's Got Talent" Vegas Part 1

A total of 113 acts advanced to the Vegas Callbacks. At the end of the week, we’ll learn the 40 acts that have made it to the live performance episodes that will take place after this year’s Summer Olympics.

However, to start the Vegas Callbacks, the judges reviewed everyone’s audition tapes and decided which ones would be cut immediately. The acts were divided into four different groups. The group that was eliminated was Group B, which contained 19 acts.

The remaining 94 acts were paired into categories based on what they did the first time. All groups rehearsed together.

The Variety category was first.

1. Stunt people
2. Impersonators
3. Magicians
4. Dancers
5. Other variety acts

Most of the later variety acts had trouble impressing the judges.

Notable acts eliminated: Big K (the person who broke bricks), Shakes (a little dancing boy) and Victoria (a young contortionist).

34 variety acts made it to the final day in Vegas.

The Music acts then performed.

1. Opera
2. Kids
3. Male vocalists
4. Female vocalists

Notables that didn’t advance: Cafidia Stewart, Chellena Black-Harris, Holly Hardin, Cat Williams

The Top 40 will be announced Thursday night.
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