Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Big Brother X" 8/21

Shortly after the PoV Ceremony was held, April allegedly offered Dan some of her $10K so that he could sway his vote towards Jerry, but Dan apparently declined.


Keesha: APRIL
Memphis: APRIL

If April gets one more vote, she's demoted to the jury.

Bryan: JERRY

April Dowling is evicted by a final tally of 4-1 and becomes the second member of the jury. But she does leave with $10,000. And Bryan Ollie's lovely relationship with her is over, at least for now.

HoH Competition: Everyone tried to hang on to a jungle vine for as long as they could; the last one standing won the HoH honors. To find out who won, subscribe to the live, online 24/7 feed, read the spoilers or hold out and watch Sunday's episode.

America's Vote: Which houseguest would you like to see get a phone call from home?
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