Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Big Brother X" 8/26

Before I start this episode, I would like to point out that Thursday’s live episode will be a DOUBLE EVICTION EPISODE.

Jerry was the lucky winner of America’s Vote, so he was able to call her daughter and a few other members of his family.

Power of Veto Competition: Joining Dan, Jerry and Memphis here are Renny, Keesha and Michelle. The host is Bryan Ollie, since he’s the only one that didn’t get picked for this competition. This challenge was space-related. Here, the players have to fly and pick up pieces to a puzzle, one piece at a time. Once they had all the necessary pieces, they could solve the puzzle; however, there were a few worthless puzzle pieces in each player’s rack. The winners of the first and second heats go to the final round, where the winner there wins the Power of Veto.

Heat 1: Dan, Keesha and Michelle play. With Dan not planning on winning this challenge and Michelle having big problems with the puzzleboard, Keesha wins this easily.

Heat 2: Jerry, Memphis and Renny now compete. Winner by a landslide: Memphis.

The winner of the Power of Veto is…

…Memphis, so Dan’s plan has worked out after all!

In the end, after Dan’s final decision, joining Jerry in Thursday’s opening eviction ceremony will be…

…Michelle Costa.
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