Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Big Brother X" 8/3

We start things off with some unfinished buisness in the latest Head of Household Competition.

Michelle's partners in her alliance were now said to have been Jessie and Memphis. Not sure if Libra and/or April are still aligned to her. According to Michelle, if she didn't win HoH this time nor Jessie or Memphis, two of those three would probably be put up for eviction next.

The winner was...

...April! Before Michelle decided to be the last one eliminated, April "promised" her that she wouldn't put Michelle nor Jessie on the eviction block. Also, Libra feared that if Michelle won, she would get nominated.

America wanted to see Jessie get nominated again.

AMERICA'S PLAYER TASK #2: Which houseguest do you want Dan to hug for ten seconds?

As of right now, the two nominated for eviction this week are...

...Jessie and Memphis.
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