Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Big Brother X" 8/31

Before I start tonight's recap of "Big Brother 10", I would like to assess the situation on the remaining five houseguests.

IMO, Dan is the biggest male threat left this season (with Jerry a close second), while Keesha is the biggest remaining female threat. Renny and Memphis have a lot of work to do in the next week or so in order to establish themselves as contenders for this season's title. And I have no idea what's the thing about Jerry that allowed him to survive back-to-back eviction ceremonies.

HoH Competition: The four eligible players were asked questions by the previous Head of Household (Keesha) about when particular events in the season took place. After a question was posed, each player had to roll a ball into a numbered slot; they had to aim their shot towards the day number they thought was right. Whatever numbered slot each player landed in became their guess for that question. If a player's guess was correct, their score stayed at zero; otherwise, the difference between their guess and the actual answer would be added to their score. The player with the lowest score after seven questions became the new HoH.

1. What day did Jerry call Dan "Judist" at the veto meeting?

Dan: 39
Jerry: 28
Memphis: 41
Renny: 50

Actual day: 35, so the scores:

Dan: 4
Jerry: 7
Memphis: 6
Renny: 15

2. What day were there reports of aliens in the windows of the Big Brother House?

Dan: 18
Jerry: 7
Memphis: 23
Renny: 19

Correct day: 14. New scoreboard:

Dan: 8
Jerry: 14
Memphis: 15
Renny: 20

3. What day was Brian Hart blindsided at the veto meeting and put on the block?

Dan: 9
Jerry: 11
Memphis: 11
Renny: 2

The right day: 6. New scores:

Dan: 11
Jerry: 19
Memphis: 20
Renny: 24

4. On what day did past houseguests return with news from the outside world?

Dan: 27
Jerry: 29
Memphis: 40
Renny: 18

Answer: 32.

Dan: 16
Jerry: 22
Memphis: 28
Renny: 38

5. What day did a 5.4 earthquake hit the Big Brother House?

Dan: 26
Jerry: 22
Memphis: 20
Renny: 18

The right answer: 22, so Jerry scored a critical BULLSEYE!

Dan: 20
Jerry: 22
Memphis: 30
Renny: 42

6. On what day was Jessie evicted?

Dan: 20
Jerry: 28
Memphis: 28
Renny: 22

Actual day: 31. Scores heading into the last question:

Dan: 31
Jerry: 25
Memphis: 33
Renny: 51

Final question: What day did America help supply the Big Brother House with giant lollipops?

Since Dan and Jerry were the only two left in contention for this competition, let's reveal their final guesses:

Dan: 39
Jerry: 35

The right day needs to be very high in order for Dan to have a chance to pull out a comeback win. The actual answer is...

...Day #39, meaning despite Dan hitting the question on the nose, Jerry is now a two-time HoH by a final tally of 29-31!

He then decides to put up on the chopping block...

...the two most dangerous players I mentioned at the beginning of the recap- Dan and Keesha.
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