Thursday, August 28, 2008


Eviction #1: Four votes in play.

1. Keesha: Michelle

2. Memphis: Michelle

If Michelle gets one more vote, she's done...

3. Bryan: Jerry

4. Renny: Michelle- EVICTED

Michelle Costa's the third member of the jury.

HoH Competition: Ollie's the only contestant left this season that has yet to win Head of Household; will that change tonight? Let's find out. Before tonight, those viewing the show's web page on answered a series of questions based on imaginary headlines of the future. Each question asked which houseguest they thought would best fit a certain headline. The five contestants are given a headline with two houseugests, and they have to pick the one America gave more votes to for that headline by stepping either up or down. Seven headlines are posed; the one who makes the most matches wins.

1. Big Brother 10 Houseguest Gets Lost On Their Way Home From Work

Up: Jerry
Down: Keesha

Everybody but Renny goes with Keesha...correct.

2. Big Brother 10 Houseguest Headlines National Comedy Tour

Up: Dan
Down: Renny

Everybody but Memphis chooses Renny...correct, so Renny's on the board (now tied with Memphis) while Jerry, Keesha and Ollie each lead with two points.

3. Big Brother 10 Houseguest Called a Hero After Saving Family From Burning Building

Up: Dan
Down: Ollie

Everybody but Jerry sides with Ollie (though Ollie originally chose Dan)...bad switch, Ollie, because Dan got more votes. That means Jerry now has the lead by himself with three points.

4. Big Brother 10 Houseguest Entrusted With National Security Secret

Up: Jerry
Down: Memphis

Only Memphis chose himself...incorrect, so he's now in dead last while Jerry's at four points. Keesha and Ollie now have three while Renny now has two.

5. Big Brother 10 Houseguest's Life Story Made Into Feature Film

Up: Jerry
Down: Renny

Renny was the sole one to go with her case, she's right to go to three points. Memphis is now mathematically eliminated.

6. Big Brother 10 Houseguest Arrested By The Fashion Police

Up: Memphis
Down: Ollie

Jerry and Keesha choose Memphis while the others go with Ollie...the right one is Memphis, so only Jerry (5) and Keesha (4) remain a factor in this competition.

Final headline: Big Brother 10 Houseguest Beats Jessie In Arm Wrestling Competition

Up: Dan
Down: Keesha

Jerry chooses Dan, while Keesha naturally sticks with herself. If Keesha's correct, we go to Sudden Death...yes!

Sudden Death Question: When America gave you lollipops, how many total lollipops were displayed on the table after the Food Competition?

Jerry: 100
Keesha: 100

I don't recall that ever happening before on a tiebreaker question! Answer: 218.

Sudden Death Question #2: In the most recent Power of Veto competition, if you add the winner's time from all three heats, what would be the total time in terms of seconds?

Jerry: 320
Keesha: 500

The actual number of seconds is...

...1,556, meaning the first two-time Head of Household this season is Keesha! She then nominates Jerry and Ollie for eviction; I'm surprised Dan wasn't chosen, because he's a big threat in this game.

PoV Competiton: Inside two of each player's haystacks is a veto marker. Once a player finds one, they must go back to their starting position before going back to find the other one. The first player to find both markers and hit their buzzer wins.

Dan's the first one to find a marker for the early lead. Does he hold on to it at the end?...

...yes! His final decision...

...he leaves the nominations the same.

In the end, by a unanimous vote, the other player evicted tonight and the fourth member of the jury is...


...Bryan Ollie. Jerry, the oldest competitor in the competition, continues to stay alive!
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