Friday, August 22, 2008

"Bingo America" Season 2 update

As reported earlier today, Richard Karn is the new host of GSN's "Bingo America". There is also a new hostess this season- Diane.

Hollywood Junket also reported today that the studio audience will have more involvement in the maingame this season. Each audience member wears a shirt with a number and letter on it. Also, each contestant will represent either the red player or the blue player. Every time a Bingo Ball comes out, the audience member whose shirt's letter and number matches what's on the ball stands up. If one of the two contestants answer a question correctly, that audience member gets to put on the colored cap corresponding to that player and becomes a member of that contestant's rooting section. At the end of the match, everybody who is in the winning contestant's rooting section each get $25.

The $100,000 bonus round has also been changed. This time, you have to dodge a series of 20 wrecking balls on the board in order to win all that money. Full information about the new bonus round is coming soon.
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