Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"America's Got Talent" Live Performance Show I

The first act up was Extreme Dance FX. Piers thought the performance was terrific, after saying he didn't feel they belonged in the Top 40. He then suggested that the next time they be better, faster and tighter. Sharon liked it and David was proved wrong about most of the young performers in this group. I gave them an 8.

Second was The James Gang. During most of their performance, they threw confetti all over the stage! Piers thought it went downhill after the first half. Sharon said they gave the people too much too soon. David said despite telling them they needed to tighten their act, he still thought they were still what the show was all about. My score: 6. Had it not been for the confetti, I would've given it a 5.

Third was Derrick Barry, the Britney Spears impersonator. The song performed was "Hit Me Baby, One More Time". Piers buzzed the performance early on and said that Britney should be left to Britney. The other two judges obviously disagreed with him. I gave it a 7.

Fourth was Elite from Galax, VA, featuring a 10-year-old girl! Remember, this was a fighting stunt act; in this case, it was pirate-themed. Piers loved the creativity. Sharon thought she could be the next Lara Croft. David thought she could open "Treasure Island". I scored this an 8.

Going fifth was Ronny B., who danced and sung to "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin. I HATED his singing of the chorus parts. Piers was entertained but thought he wouldn't win the competition. Sharon also liked him despite being absurd. David buzzed him towards the end of the performance, but still kinda liked it. I gave this act a 6.

Taking the sixth spot were The Cadence, the band of crazy drummers. They patterned their performance on the song "Beat It". Piers thought they were dynamic because they listed to the judges' advice from their previous performance (s), despite not liking the beginning part. Sharon wanted to see more nastiness. David thought they still had lots of potential. I handed them a 7.

The lucky seven spot went to Jessica Price, and this time played her guitar to "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper. Honestly, this kind of song just doesn't sound right being played solely with a guitar. But all of the judges liked it, so I gave her a 7.

Next was Shimshi. In order to get the right card that was hanging above him, he did a double back kick to knock it off, and after previously tearing one of the corners off that card (Ace of Spades) he picked up the torn corner and placed it back on the card. Piers thought this guy was too good to perform just a card act on the big stage. Sharon thought it was perfect. David thought a bigger trick was needed. I decided to give him a 6.

After that came the DC Cowboys, and danced to "Footloose". Piers buzzed them early for allegedly performing way below the standard the show was looking for. Sharon said their personalities made up for their lack of superior dancing. David agreed with Piers. I also gave them a 6.

Neal E. Boyd went last, this time performing "Somewhere (There's a Place For Us)" by Hayley Westenra. Piers thought he was incredible and thought he should be the Michael Phelps of this competition. Sharon thought he was superb and David agreed that he belonged at the top. I gave him a 10!

The show wrapped up with the announcement of the Wild Card act for this season. And it went to...

...Donald Braswell!

On the next episode, ten more acts performed and five of these acts would advance to the Top 20.
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