Sunday, August 10, 2008

"The Contender: Muay Thai"- Episode 2

(Note: This version of "The Contender" is an import from an international network.)

Challenge: A dragonboat race. The drummers were James (Tiger Kings) and David (Wild Boars). Naruepol was chosen to sit out this challenge for the Wild Boars.

The winners were...

...for the second challenge in a row, the Wild Boars! In addition to setting up the second preliminary fight, they also won a cruise on a luxury yacht.

FIGHT #2: Sean Wright (Wild Boars) vs. James Martinez (Tiger Kings)

Round 1: Martinez only did kicks for a majority of the round while Wright did some punch/kick combinations. Late in the round, one of Wright's kicks knocked down Martinez. Shortly thereafter, Wright kicked at the legs of Martinez, and eventually knocked him down again. This time, Martinez couldn't answer the count, giving Wright the season's first KO win!

(Martinez was an American, BTW.)
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