Friday, August 15, 2008

"The Contender: Muay Thai"- Episode 3

The Tiger Kings early on were planning to put Rafik Bakkouri up for elimination this week if they won their first challenge.

A little later, however, Rafik and Dzhabar Askerov got into a scuffle at the gym.

CHALLENGE #3: This took place at the Fitness First headquarters. There were five gym stations that five members of both teams had to complete. They were lunging, sit-ups, push-ups, jump rope and swimming a lap in the pool. Once somebody finished all five stations, the next chosen team member came into play. The first team to have all five finish won. Team orders:

1. David
2. Naurepol
3. Bruce
4. Sean
5. Rafik

1. Zach
2. Soren
3. Yodsaenklai
4. Dzhabar
5. John Wayne

The winners were…

…for the first time this season, the Tiger Kings! As a bonus, they also won a trip to a golf/country club.

PRELIMINARY FIGHT #3: Rafik Bakkouri (Wild Boars) vs. John Wayne Parr (Tiger Kings)

This was a battle of the team captains!

Round 1: Parr had the early lead after a couple of kicks. A little later, Bakkouri threw Parr down to the ground. Parr took back control with several punches and a kick that knocked Bakkouri down on his rear end. 10-9, Parr.

Round 2: After a blistering dose of shots from Parr, Bakkouri nearly fell down against the ropes. Bakkouri then missed a kick, causing him to be a bit tied up in the ropes. He then got kicked down on his butt for the second time this fight. 20-18, Parr.

Round 3: Bakkouri scored early on with a punch that knocked down Parr. Parr tried to slam Bakkouri down from the back but failed. Parr dominated the second half of the round, including a head takedown that looked like a DDT! I gave both a 10 this round, so it was 30-28 Parr after three.

Round 4: Parr dominated the first and last seconds of the round, but Bakkouri was in command for most of the middle, so I now had it 39-38 after four.

Final Round: The two fighters traded knee shots to the chest against the ropes at the start. Then, Parr caught Bakkouri while he was kicking and never looked back from there, kicking Bakkouri down on his butt for the third time this fight.

I had Parr winning this 49-47…and he did win! Rafik Bakkouri, the bad boy, was sent packing.
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