Friday, August 01, 2008

DEBUT: "The Contender: Muay Thai"

The hosts are Jaymee Ong and Stephen Fox (the latter of which is also the mentor). The teams:

Wild Boars:
Rafik Bakkouri (Captain)
Naruepol Fairtex
Bruce “The Preacher” Macfie
David Pacquette
Alain Sylvestre
Zidov “Akuma” Dominik
Joakim “Yukay” Karlsson
Sean Wright

Tiger Kings:
John Wayne Parr (Captain)
Yodsanklai “The Hero”
Soren Monkongtong
Jose “Pitu” Sans
Dzhabar Askerov
James Martinez
Kim Khan Zaki
Trevor “TNT” Smandych

The winner gets $150,000 and a lifetime membership to Fitness First.

For at least this series, the challenges are back. Remember, the team that wins each challenge gets to pick the two that get to fight in the ring. The loser of each fight is eliminated.

Challenge #1: While everyone got strapped with a rope, they had to do sprints across the track. Two players from each team started things off; when they got to the other side of the track, they tagged in their next pair of runners, who then went to the starting line and tagged in the next pair. The first team to have everybody finish running won.

The third pair of runners (Soren and Kim Khan) on the Tiger Kings got tangled up on their ropes and fell on the track, causing Kim Khan to suffer a minor elbow injury. That allowed the Wild Boars to win.

FIGHT #1: Naruepol (Wild Boars) vs. Trevor Smandych (Tiger Kings)

In Muay Thai, before every fight, a dance called Wai Khru is done.

Round 1: I scored it 10-9 Smandych.

Round 2: Early on this round, Naruepol knocked down Smandych with a big kick. Late in the round, Smandych slipped down to the ground again thanks to missing a big punch. 10-8 Naruepol, so I gave him a 19-18 lead after two rounds.

Round 3: Early on, Naruepol threw Smandych down to the ground. A little later, Naruepol trapped Smandych in the corner with several knee shots to the stomach. 10-9 Naruepol, for a 29-27 lead.

Round 4: Another 10-9 round for Naruepol, with another throwdown to Smandych to the ground at the end of the round.

Final Round: About midway in the round, while both were against the ropes, Naruepol nearly knocked Smandych out of the ring with his knee combinations! Naurepol sealed the deal after this round, and I had him winning by a final score of 49-45.
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