Thursday, August 28, 2008

"The Gong Show" 8/28

This week's guests are Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Adam Carolla and Kate Walsh.

Act 1: The Apple Sisters come from NYC (host Dave Attell's hometown) to perform a little singing skit that you might find in a play that also involves eating and spitting out corn. The audience starts to boo towards the end, and then Triumph gongs them.

Act 2: A person named Enigma decides to be a "chainsaw apple cutting" mime.

ADAM: 486
KATE: 300
TOTAL: 1,186

Act 3: Dave, while wearing an orange suit with real clarinets scattered all over it, plays the second half of "The Star Spangled Banner", and in several spots, confetti comes out of the clarinets!

ADAM: 421
KATE: 457
TOTAL: 1,228

Act 4: Justin Riviera performs a magic act involving compact discs. On one of them, he made it turn into a Slinky.

ADAM: 351
KATE: 222
TOTAL: 933

Act 5: A pair of twin boys called Tic and Tac (the left one is Tac while the right one is Tic) do the "Human Helicopter" with no hands.

ADAM: 425
KATE: 300
TOTAL: 1,075

Act 6: Ivan and Ivan Checkov Jones do, I think, some contortionist work, but Kate gongs it before I really find out what's going on.

Final Act: A lady named Claire pops several pink balloons on her body using a knife. She does pop all the balloons, but she gets gonged anyway, so Dave's the winner!

Dave Juskow's Extremely Short Act: Attempting to be a boxer with fireman's materials next to him.
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