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NEXT-TO-LAST MISSION: Using all the objects in a room to solve a puzzle, the remaining three players had to find a way to diffuse the bomb contained in a space that was blocked by glass. If they diffused the bomb within an hour, $50,000 would be added to the pot.

There were several different letters, clocks, a big time dial and a blank puzzle board, amongst other things.

Early on, Craig realized that there were 24 spaces on the puzzleboard, and there were 24 cities on the wall. They found a time zone map, the hidden item that would help them solve the big puzzle. Nicole read it while Craig and Mark held it down. After looking over the map, they realized that the times that they came up for each city would correspond to the letters that would appear on the puzzleboard.

As it turned out, they got the letter for each time calculation by rotating the big time dial as they did their mathematics. If they solved the puzzle correctly, they would be able to cut the wire that would diffuse the bomb. Here was the board:

_ _ _ _: _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _/

_ _ _ + _ _ _ _

The letters in play:


Nicole messed up two of the times, so with about five minutes left on the clock, Mark asked for the actual answers for those errors. Here was the puzzle answer:


Craig thus believed he had to cut the purple wire before the puzzle board had been filled up (mainly because of the last words RED + BLUE), and as a result...

...$50K was added to the pot!

NEW POT TOTAL: $418,500

FINAL MISSION: Starting at Casa Rosada in Central Buenos Aires, each player selected one of three envelopes, each containing three sets of clues. For each clue, once they think they found their target destination, they called Jon for their answer, thus giving them a task to do. Once a player completed all three of their tasks, looked at a picture of their final destination and got there, they would have a decision to make- add $75K to the pot or gain possession of The Mole's dossier, which could help the one in possession of it greatly on the final quiz.

NICOLE'S FIRST CLUE: The Argentine flag was first raised on these grounds, where a famous tall monument stands high and proud (A: Obelisco).

MARK'S FIRST CLUE: You may still fall victim to The Mole's focade, unless you can get to the place Libertad (A: Plaza Libertad).

CRAIG'S FIRST CLUE: Shop till you drop on the street that's first rate. The sun always shines on this US state. (A: Florida St.)

Once Craig got to Florida Street, he had to find a store that would allow him to try on a leather jacket and have a picture taken with him wearing it.

After Mark got to Plaza Libertad, he had to take a picture of himself in front of the statue there.

At the Obelisco, Nicole had to take a picture of herself with the Argentina flag.

CRAIG'S SECOND CLUE: It takes two to tango at this teatro where Portenos perform for some big dinero (A: Tango Porteno Theatre).

Nicole had major trouble with her first task, taking pictures of herself without having the flag with her.

NICOLE'S SECOND CLUE: Slowly heat milk and you will discover the nation's top sweet that's brownish in color (A: Dulce de leche).

After quickly getting her second answer, Nicole now had to convince somebody in the town to buy her some Dulce de leche and take a picture of themselves eating it.

After it took Craig a ton of guesses to come up with the answer to the second clue, he needed to convince a lovely woman to do a Tango pose in a picture consisting of the two of them.

MARK'S SECOND CLUE: If you're hungry, please pull up a seat for a deep-fried pocket of chicken, cheese or meat (A: Empanada).

For Mark's second task, he needed to convince somebody to buy him an empanada and take a picture of the two eating one.

On the first photo Nicole sent to Jon during her second task, it featured a hot fudge sundae, not Dulce de leche.

MARK'S LAST CLUE: In this building is a representative band who vote for the rights of every woman and man (A: Argentine Congress).

Mark's last task was to take a picture with a woman in front of said government building.

NICOLE'S LAST CLUE: The crowds will be huge, so go live la vida loca at the game for the team in the place called La Boca (A: Boca Junior).

Nicole's final task was to get to the stadium and convince a Boca Junior fan to let her put on a Boca Junior jersey and have the two take a picture of themselves.

CRAIG'S LAST CLUE: Peron's second wife won the hearts of her people. She's resting in peace right next to a steeple (A: Cementario de Recolletta)

Craig's last mission was to take a picture of the family name above the crypt of Evita's grave.


At the point the final destination was revealed, it looked to be a close race between Craig and Mark. The one who completed this mission first was...

...Mark! And his final decision was...

 take the dossier!

FINAL POT TOTAL: $420,000 (the total was rounded up)

The final quiz consists of twenty questions and is cumulative.


1. Is The Mole male or female?

2. In "Over the Falls", what was the outcome of The Mole's jump?

A: Successfully grabbed a bag with money
B: Successfully grabbed a bag without money
C: Tried but didn't grab a bag
D: Didn't go over the falls

3. In "When Pigs Fly", what did The Mole do after returning from Pomaire?

A: Catch pigs
B: Hold one end of the slingshot handle
C: Load pigs and shoot slingshot
D: Nothing

4. Who was The Mole paired with during "Fruit of the Luge"?

5. How much money did The Mole's team ultimately add to the pot during "Fruit of the Luge"- nothing, $2K, $10K or $14K?

6. Where did The Mole sit during "Fruit of the Luge"?

7. In "Fruit of the Luge", if facing the players when Jon announced the disqualifications, where was The Mole standing (left to right)?

8. How much money did The Mole's team earn in "Midas Rush"- $4,500, $5,750, $7,500 or $8,500?

9. In "Midas Rush", what color pants was The Mole wearing- blue or black?

10. At the end of Midas Rush, from Jon's perspective, where was The Mole standing (from left to right)?

11. Was The Mole wearing a collared shired during "The Grapes of Cache"?

12. At wine and cheese after "The Grapes of Cache", did The Mole open a bottle of wine?

13. In "Swing Out", how much did The Mole guess to win an exemption?

14. During "Tick Tick Boom", from Jon's perspective, where was The Mole standing (right to left)?

15. In "Tick Tick Boom", did The Mole cut the wire?

16. During the intro of "Three to Tango", where was The Mole standing from Jon's perspective (left to right)?

17. Which food did The Mole consume during "Three to Tango"- Dulce de leche, empanada, or no food at all?

18. Which of the following facts did The Mole highlight in their player application?

A: Went to Thailand after tsunami
B: Hates people who complain
C: Has a 143 I.Q.

19. How many exemptions has The Mole received to date- 0, 1 or 2?

20. Who is The Mole?

The winner, the last loser and The Mole will all be revealed next week. Hope to see you then!
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