Monday, August 11, 2008


As of last week, all the results are in. The winner of $420,000 is...


The Mole is...

...INDEED CRAIG SILKE! That "illness" of his earlier this season tipped it off to yours truly!

It is important to note that during the fourth episode, Victoria Garza inadvertantly chose a wrong answer on that week's quiz. Had she not made that inadvertant error, Mark would've been executed that week instead of Victoria. Additionally, Mark was part of at least three quizzes that ended in a tie. Mark won this season's title over Nicole, 17-13.


Episode #1: During beach mission, Craig himself held the sign that somebody would soon be going home.

Episode #2: On one of the maps, there were tiny letters that spelled out the message "NOT ALI". This confirmed that a woman wouldn't be The Mole this season.

Episode #3: During the intro sequence, there was a series of numbers listed "619262312". These numbers represented the hometowns of this season's final three players:

619: Craig (San Diego)
262: Mark (Mukwonago)
312: Nicole (Chicago)

Episode #4: Three audio clues- first, while Craig was being taken to a local medical facility, a school bell was heard, signifying The Mole wasn't Mark (based on his teaching). During the "Who Said That?" mission, a baby's cry was heard, meaning it wasn't Nicole either (because she was an OBGYN nurse). At the end of dinner, Craig's laugh was heard, despite the fact that he was not eating dinner and was still at his cabin.

Episode #5: While Mark was standing next to some jail bars, there was some graffiti on the walls labeled "CRG", an abbreviation for Craig.

Recap Episode: In the first map of the episode, "32.72N - 117.15W" stood for the latitude and longtitude of San Diego, Craig's hometown.

Episode #6: While Clay was being interviewed on who he thought The Mole was, one of the images behind him was digitally changed from two I's to four I's; four I's is a nickname for somebody who wears glasses (Craig).

Episode #7: During a commercial break while the loved ones train mission was going on, part of the title graphic read "ROJA CORBATA", which was Spanish for "red tie", and Craig was the only one this season to wear a red tie during an execution ceremony.

Craig's name was NEVER called during an execution ceremony.

Episode #9: During a commercial break, when the show's logo appeared, the message "Craig's The Mole" was played backwards.
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