Friday, August 08, 2008

"Reality Bites Back"- Episode 4

This week, it’s “Almost American Gladiators”! Let’s remind everyone of the remaining contestants:

Bert Kreischer
Theo Von
Amy Schumer
Chris Fairbanks
Mo Mandel
Red Grant

The “Gladiators” on this version of the show were USA-Hole (LOL!), 2nd Amendment Mike, Teetz and XK-39. They were called the “Border Patrol”.

The first event was their take on Powerball, “The Applicator”. The objective was to stuff as many green card applications into one of two mailboxes as possible within a minute. The one who stuffed the fewest goes to the elimination round called the “American Dream Crusher”.

Amy and Chris were the bottom two. The ultimate loser of this challenge is…

…Amy, so she faces elimination this week.

The second event was “The Wall of Fortune”. Here, contestants had to throw every one of their set of dolls over a chain link fence with the Gladiators trying to prevent them from going over the wall. Once all of their dolls was over the wall, the comedians had to scale the wall themselves. The last one to successfully climb the wall faced elimination. And that person is…


The “American Dream Crusher” was their version of “The Eliminator”.

1. Get into a Dodge transport van and make it out of the other side.
2. Swim across a pool.
3. Climb the chain link fence.
4. Dodge briefcase shots by USA-Hole and cross the finish line.
5. Answer a question correctly from the U.S. Citizenship Test.

The first one that completed the entire course eliminated their opponent.

Red was the first one that crossed the finish line, so he gets the first chance to answer a question. He chooses question #3.

Who wrote “The Star Spangled Banner”?

RED: George Washington- NO (A: Francis Scott Key)

Amy goes with #2.

Who said “Give me liberty, or give me death”?

AMY: Patrick Henry- WINNER!

Red Grant has been eliminated, and confetti fell at the end!
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