Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Reality Bites Back"- Semi-Finals

To decide the two finalists, it's time for "The Amazing Disgrace"!

Each of the three remaining comedians are joined by a partner.

Theo- Kevin (friend)
Amy- Kim (sister)
Mo- Chaya (brother)

Challenge #1: The comedians must drive ugly vans while their partners must listen and repeat aloud the directions said on a pre-recorded tape player.

1. Proceed forward to the next intersection.
2. Turn left to Gauer St.
3. Make an immediate left turn.
4. Turn right once getting to Sanderford Ave. (Both Theo and Mo's teams messed up this part)
5. Tell the driver to reset their odometer to zero.
6. Start heading east on the next intersection.
7. While in the "Windshield Wiper District" of L.A., the driver needs to be told that somewhere in their van was a second video tape that would change the rules of this game. The partners are not allowed to help them find that.
8. Open the glovebox and find a CARFAX vehicle history report and read it out loud.
9. Proceed to the "Pleasure Chest".

The ladies were in the lead, while Mo's team was last.

Challenge #2: "Pleasure Chest" turns out to be a porn video store. Here, the partners were given a list of five porn movies and they had to act out charades in order for their partners to ID each one. After identifying each one, the partner had to locate that movie. Once they got three right, found and returned them to Michael Ian Black, they would get their next clue.

At this point, Mo's team hadn't even gotten to their second audio tape! The girls finished this challenge first.

Challenge #3: This was a "Switch Hitter" challenge, this show's version of the Detour. They could either be chained to each other and do a quick, gross challenge, or take a bathroom break and have to complete a longer challenge that isn't so gross.

Theo & Kevin were now in the lead and chose to be chained, thus being forced to eat a three-course meal and drink a glass of water while in that position. Mo's team was now struggling with the porn video challenge, and the female team got lost.

Mo's team was the only one to do the bathroom challenge. Here, while he was locked inside a porto potty, Mo had to read aloud three math problems to his partner. The answers to those problems would comprise the combination to the porto potty door's lock, allowing their partner to unlock the door.

1. 4 X 4
2. Answer to first problem + 3
3. Answer to second problem - 37


1. 16
2. 19
3. -18

After their respective challenge was completed, they needed to head to the Santa Monica Pier to find the Charity Bell, where the next clue would be found.

Final Challenge: Each team had to pick up one 60 pound dead fish and run it all the way down the boardwalk to the finish area. The first team to finish definitely sends their comedian to the finals.

At the Final Challenge, the current standings remained the same.

The first team to arrive is...

...Theo and Kevin, so Theo Von's the first finalist!

The ladies finished second and Mo's team finished last.

Now, "Deal or No Deal" came into play! Two briefcases were presented. One contained the word STAY while the other had GO. The second place team gets to choose the case, and if it says STAY, their comedian joins Theo in next week's final. If it says GO, they're eliminated.

Amy & Kim choose #2.

The final results...

Amy & Kim: #1 or #2

...well, it's still not over yet! Inside that case are two dolls each holding smaller versions of the #1 and #2 suitcases. They now choose #1...

Amy & Kim: STAY

...Amy Schumer's a finalist, eliminating Mo Mandel.

The final event will be called "American Surv-idoler's Kitchen"! That will be a combination of "American Idol", "Survivor" and "Hell's Kitchen" to determine the winner of the cash.
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