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10/24/2008 Results

DOND (Syn.)- This is the last syndicated episode where a contestant has to open three cases in Round 4. The contestant today is hopefully lucky #7 Carolyn Doyle (who works for an unspecified corporal job, loves tattoos, and it looks like she's going to piss her pants!!!). She ends up swapping out for #21.

1. #22 (Don)- BUCK
2. #13 (Rhonda)- $1,000
3. #11 (Gerard)- $7,500
4. #8 (Rosie)- $250,000
5. #12 (Victoria)- $25


1. #1 (Kimberly)- $10
2. #4 (Maia)- $500,000
3. #14 (Denice)- $5
4. #6 (Freddie)- $300
5. #17 (Lisa)- $10,000


1. #20 (Ron)- $25,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #19 (Sebastian)- $100
3. #2 (Marvin)- PENNY
4. #10 (Jacki)- $400


1. #16 (Carl)- $2,500
2. #15 (Lauretta)- $200
3. #18 (Kareem)- $50


1. #9 (Frank)- $5,000
2. #7 (Mike)- $50,000 (STRIKE ONE)


20th PICK: #5 (Jessica)- $75,000 (STRIKE TWO)


She keeps her #21. Is she $100,000 richer??...

...YES!!! She's now the third-highest winner so far on the show! Congratulations!

Bingo America: For Episode 2016, Donna and Erich are our players tonight. Here's where things stand at halftime during Round 1:

BANK: $720

9 (I16)- Despite the legend, what type of tree hasn't been found at George Washington's home?
ERICH: Cherry- CORRECT (BIN--; $736)
10 (O66)- The first cover of People Magazine featured what female star of "Rosemary's Baby"?
DONNA: Mia Farrow- RIGHT ($802)

50/50 MODE:
11 (N33)- T or F: Dick Cheney was the college roomate of Chuck Norris.
DONNA: False- CORRECT (BIN-O; $835)
12 (O67)- In their TV theme song, "The Jeffersons" were "moving on up" to what side- east or west?
13 (O74)- T or F: Hummingbirds use spider webs to build their nests.
DONNA: False- NO (Erich: BIN-O)
14 (G49)- Which U.S. state's flag has a bison on it- Nebraska or Wyoming?
DONNA: Wyoming- WIN ($951)

Early on in Game 2, on a question where the answer was Kelly Clarkson, Erich goofs by adding a T before the -on. Later, we head to 50/50 Mode after we reach the tenth question. Here's where we stand now:

BANK: $1,266

10 (G50)- What do you do with a pashmina- wear it or serve noodles in it?
ERICH: Wear it- CORRECT (B-NGO; $1,316)
11 (I23)- T or F: In China, the traditional color of wedding dresses is red.
ERICH: True- WIN ($1,339)

1. What B animal is known for building dams?
DONNA: Beaver- YES
2. What I is the cartoon cat on "The Simpsons" whose rival is Scratchy?
3. What N refers to atomic energy and a family with a mother, father and children?
DONNA: Nuclear- WINS $1,339

Bingo Bonus Round: Another chance for the wrecking balls to redeem themselves, this time against Donna...

B: #8- $250
I: #24- WIPEOUT (second this week!)

...boy, did they ever get their revenge!

WOF: Somebody could win cash, at least one trip and/or a Mercedes Convertible tonight on the Wheel. The first Toss-Up is in the category of On the Map:

_ R _ _ _ _ O

_ _ O R _ _ A

Beverly solves ORLANDO FLORIDA for a thou. Tonight's players:

Beverly Griffin (Shreveport, LA)- IT support technician specialist and graduate of Louisnana Tech
Chrissy Gibbons (Mendon, Mass.)- Civil engineer for a construction company; also loves to box
Andrew Sewall (L.A.)- Research analyst

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Person:

_ A _ K S _ _ T

_ _ _ _ _ _

Andrew solves BACKSEAT DRIVER for $2,000.

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round and the category is Phrase. A $5,800 Maui trip is now available. Midway in the round, Beverly calls the L for the trip but then repeats the previous dud vowel of I. Andrew then tries to get us out of this mess by guessing the puzzle. Here's the board now...

_ _ _ N T L E S S/S _ A _ E S/_ _/


...he guesses COUNTLESS SHADES OF GREEN...right for another $1,000 and a trip to Ireland, for a new total of $8,500 in cash and trip.

DUDS: I (repeated once by Beverly and AGAIN by Chrissy)


Eggland's Best Jackpot Round category is Thing. After Andrew calls the D's, we have...

_ A N D _ _ A _ T _ D

D I A _ O N D

_ _ N D A N T

...he calls an $800 M, buys a pair of E's to clean out the vowels, then calls a $400 P. But he loses his turn with the L. Beverly then calls a $900 C, a $500 H but totally blows the solve by starting to say HAND-CARVED on the top line. Chrissy calls a $400 F and solves HANDCRAFTED DIAMOND PENDANT for her first $1,000. Beverly's been on a slump since the opening Toss-Up.

BANKRUPTS: 1 (Chrissy)

Campbell's Soup $10,000 Mystery Round category is Before & After. Andrew becomes the last player tonight to repeat a previously called dud vowel (in this case, A). Later, after Beverly buys the I and the O's, we have...

_ _ T T E R _ _ _

S T R O _ E/O _/

_ E N I _ S

...she calls a $900 L, buys the U's to clean out the vowels and calls the B for a $1,000 gift tag from Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. This time, she gets the job done by solving BUTTERFLY STROKE OF GENIUS for another $2,350 and the gift tag, giving her $4,350 in cash and prizes.

DUDS: A (repeated once by Andrew)

Final Toss-Up's in the category of Occupation:

_ _ _ _ _ _ P _ E R

_ _ L O T

Andrew solves HELICOPTER PILOT to go to $11,500 and build on his lead. Next category is Landmark. Early on, he duds out with the E. After Chrissy calls the R, we go to Speed-Up Mode with the remaining consonants being worth $1,300 apiece. After Andrew calls the N's...

_ _ N _ S/_ _ N _ _ N/

N _ T _ _ N _ L/_ _ R _

...he blanks. Beverly calls the P but can't think of anything. Chrissy calls the K's but also has no guess. Andrew then calls the C and solves KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK to seal the deal with another $7,850 and $19,350 total. Beverly leaves with $4,350 in cash and sweets and Chrissy gets $1,000.


Big Money Round: Andrew spins the N in WIN and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ E _ _ T

_ _ R _

He goes with CDMA with no hesitation...

D E _ _ T


...he's incorrect with DEPOT CARD and DEBUT CARD, but he then solves DEBIT CARD! And I will tell you right now that we can check off another thing on this season's checklist...

...GIVING AWAY $100,000 (and yes, the confetti and streamers still go off)!!! He's now the second-highest winner on the season with $119,350 in cash and trip! We end a fairly ugly night on a fantastic note!

Video Bonus: $100,000 Win

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Tonight's featured contestant is 19-year-old mayor John Tyler Hammons from Muskogee, OK! His first partner is Francesca and here are the categories:

1st Grade Measurements
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Grammar
2nd Grade U.S. History
3rd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Spelling

4th Grade Cultural Studies
4th Grade Math
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Astronomy

First pick is Social Studies, and his government friends are really going to pick on him if he misses the following:

T or F: The U.S. is the only country to have stars on its national flag.

He knows that's False. Second category is Grammar.

T or F: The following sentence is correct- "Olivia and me had to go to detention".

He knows that's False also, because "I" should be in place of "me". For his second classmate, he chooses Jenna. His third subject is Measurements.

If Mr. Foxworthy goes to bed at 7 PM on a Monday night, and wakes up at 8 AM the next morning, how many hours of sleep will he get.

He comes up with 20 to go to $5,000. Subject #4 for this mayor is 3rd Grade Spelling.

Which of the following words is spelled incorrectly?

A: Privilege
B: Villege
C: Appendage

After peeking at Jenna's answer of villege, he's right with it (the first E should've been replaced by an A), and is one correct answer away from the safe haven. He then chooses Bryce to possibly help him get there and/or $50,000, and his next category is U.S. History.

The thirteen original American colonies gained their independence from what country?

He doesn't need help this time around- he's up to $25,000 with Great Britain. For $50,000, he next tries 4rd Grade Math.

What's the simplest form of the fraction 18/81?

He's correct with 2/9. After that, Jonathan becomes his fourth partner (with Olivia becoming his last one should he make it that far) and his next topic is 5th Grade Astronomy. The following is a Classroom Club Question, sent in by Liliana from St. Francis School:

What's the name of the first American woman to travel into outer space?

He rolls the dice by copying Jonathan's answer, which was May Jane (WTF?)...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE, resulting in this mayor becoming the third $25,000 flunkout of the season. It was Sally Ride.

Our other game tonight is pretty special, because both a high school prom king and queen are both playing the game- they're Riley Hicks and Erin Klutz! Their first partner is Jenna and here are their categories:

1st Grade Grammar
1st Grade Science
2nd Grade English
2nd Grade Music
3rd Grade Cultural Studies
3rd Grade Earth Science
4th Grade Ancient History
4th Grade U.S. Geography
5th Grade World History
5th Grade World Geography

Their first subject is Grammar.

What's the singular noun in the following sentence: "The boys and girls walked to the classroom with their books"?

They're right with classroom. Second for them is Science.

A thermometer is an instrument used to measure which of the following?

A: Temperature
B: Height
C: Weight

They're correct with temperature. For their second classmate, their choice is Jonathan and their third subject is Music.

Which of these is NOT a percussion instrument?

A: Gong
B: Bugle
C: Maracas

They nail bugle. The fourth category they try is English.

The word "duck" can be used as a noun and also as what other part of speech?

They know that's a verb. Before they try their save haven question, they choose Olivia as their third partner. Their fifth category is 3rd Grade Cultural Studies.

The following image is of the official flag of what country?

They make it to the guaranteed money with Mexico. They try to double with their next subject of 3rd Grade Earth Science.

T or F: The Earth's atmosphere is made up solely of Oxygen.

They say False...the Earth is also made of Nitrogen, so they now have $50,000. They choose Bryce to come to the student podium next and their 100 grand category is 4th Grade U.S. Geography.

If Bryce walked south from Billings, MT, what would be the first U.S. state he'd pass into?

They take a guess with Wyoming...right for $100,000! All cheats are still in play as they head into this next question from 4th Grade Ancient History:

The city of Cuzco in Peru was the capital of what ancient South American empire?

They decide to drop out at $100,000 with all of their cheats still on the table. Answer: Inca, which neither the players or Bryce said.

In two weeks from now is the second celebrity game of the season featuring former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant Gene Simmons!

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Constantine Maroulis isn't playing the game yet least for right now. Instead, playing the game now is Rebecca Vigil from Clairmont, CA (who is a recent college graduate and her appearance on the show is a graduation present). The potential backup singers available for her are Bill (father) and Jeff (friend). Here are the categories:

R & B

Her first category is R & B and the song choices are "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" by Jackie Wilson and "Stuck On You" by Lionel Richie. She chooses "Higher and Higher" and must fill in three blanks:

And I'll be at ____ ____ _____

She's wrong at first with "...your door forevermore", so she must use a backup. She uses the two words backup and fills in the first two words, giving her...

"...your side forevermore"

...and she then locks it in to get on the board. She tries Pop next. The choices this time are "(Love is Like a) Heatwave" by Martha & the Vandellas and "Still the One" by Orleans. She tries "Still the One" and has another three word target:

"That turns my head, we're ____ _____ ___"

She sings "...still having fun" and locks that in...right. Third is a Jackson 5 song- either "Got to be There" or "I Want You Back". She tries "I Want You Back" and again must fill in three:

"Won't your please let me back __ ___ ____"

She gets " your heart" no problem. To get to the safe haven, she has to know about a Love Song next. Choices this time are "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon and "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick. While we're given the secret that her mother and sisters are waiting backstage to come out, she chooses "I Want You to Want Me" and must fill in three yet again:

"Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I ___ ___ ____"

After locking in "...see you cryin'", the remainder of her family comes out...and she's given the other good news that's she's right for $25,000!

She goes for the 1980s next, with the two chosen songs from that decade being "Who Can It Be Now?" by Men At Work and "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell. She goes with Men At Work this time out and she must fill in seven missing words. They follow after "If you hang outside, don't". She then lets out of her mouth "...come in here and be inside", which is a word short. She then calls on Jeff to help her out, and they provide a new guess of "...come in, I'll only run and hide". After they lock that in...she's up to 50 thousand!

For $100,000, her next topic is Break Up Songs. The choices now on the board are "Leaving On a Jet Plane" by Peter, Paul & Mary and "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" by Neil Sedaka. The choice this time around is "Leaving On a Jet Plane" and the target's now up to eight words. They follow after the title of the song is sung. Her response is "I don't know when I'll be back again" and she lets the words turn blue...right for $100K!

Another 100 grand could be hers if she can do well on a Rock Anthem. Now on the board are "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who and "The Boys Are Back in Town" by Thin Lizzy. She picks "The Boys Are Back in Town" and the target's down to six words this round. Proceding these words is "I told them you were living downtown". Her guess this time is "...and you were twistin' the night". That doesn't sound right, so here come her three choices:

A: "...driving all the old men crazy"
B: "...making all the locals go crazy"
C: "...making all the young guys stupid"

No real help there, so she walks away with 100 G's. The right lyric was A, which she didn't quite have the guts to lock in. I believe that's the first bad bailout since this show began.

Now, here comes Constantine Maroulis of "American Idol" fame! Tonight, he's playing the game for Broadway Cares. Kelly & Jason are his potential backup singers waiting in the wings. Categories:

R & B

First up is Rock, with the choices being "Run to You" by Bryan Adams and "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" by Meatloaf. His choice is "Run to You", and he begins by trying to fill in four words:

"When it gets too much, I need __ ____ ____ ____"

He is wrong with "I want to run", so he opts for Wayne's help, and they manage to come up with " feel your touch".

Second is Motown, and "Get Ready" by the Temptations and "It's the Same Old Song" by Four Tops are now available. His choice is "Get Ready" and must come up with three missing words this time:

"And I'm bringing you a ___ ____ ____"

He misses again with " anew so get ready"...that's too much. Wayne again saves his butt with the right answer of " that's true".

He now tries Classic Rock, and the next songs to appear on the board are "Running On Empty" by Jackson Browne and "(Don't Fear) the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. He wants the "Reaper" song and his target once again is three words:

"Don't fear the reaper, baby, ___ __ ____"

He's fairly confident with "...come on baby", but Wayne doesn't like that guess so much, so he instead suggests "I'm your man". After taking that advice, they lock that in for $10,000.

To get to the safe haven, he's gotta get past a song from the world of Pop. "Your Song" by Elton John and "Afternoon Delight" by the Starland Vocal Band are the choices this time. His selection is "Your Song" and has another three word target:

"I hope ___ ____ ___"

He's again pretty confident with " don't mind" and Wayne likes that guess too, so it's locked in...and he's at $25,000.

He goes for 50 with the 1980's next. The next pair of choices are "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats and "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" by Cutting Crew. He tries "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" and must fill in twice as many blanks as he did the past three times- six words. Remember, Wayne can't help him anymore at this point. They follow after "It must have been some kind". He believes the remainder of that is "...of kiss, I couldn't walk away". He locks it in...NO! It was "...of kiss, I should've walked away". Good thing he had nothing to lose at that point, so his charity will get $25,000.

But still, Constantine Maroulis has got to go down as giving one of the WORST PERFORMANCES on any traditional game show celebrity special ever. No wonder why he didn't win "American Idol" several years ago.

In two weeks, the original members of En Vogue will try to do much better than this.

DOND (NBC): Playing the next Million Dollar Mission game with eight $1M cases on the board tonight is Coleen Fowler from Woodbury, MN. She's hoping one of the biggies is in #18.

1. #1- $1,000
2. #10- $750
3. #25- BUCK
4. #16- $50
5. #26
6. #4- $25,000


1. #7- PENNY
2. #19- $5,000
3. #9
4. #5
5. #11- $5


1. #20
2. #6- $75
3. #24- $10
4. #21- $300

THIRD OFFER NOT TAKEN (after a big LOSER arrow with lights around it drops from the ceiling- LOL!): $236,000

1. #2- $50,000
3. #3- $100


At the end, she will give both of her friends 10% of her final total on the show!

1. #15- $200
2. #23- STRIKE ONE


21st PICK: #8- $25
SIXTH OFFER: $250,000- NO DEAL (and the LOSER sign comes down again!!)


Alike (one of the models) then informs her that whatever she takes home tonight will be matched and donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters, with a minimum guarantee of $100,000.

22nd PICK: #12- STRIKE TWO

Her case had...$400, so she made a good deal. But if she had gone one more time with #22, she would've knocked out $10,000 and possibly have taken home $345,000. The last remaining million case was #17; thus, #13 had $500.

Nine big ones go into play on Wednesday, which will be a 90-minute episode!
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