Sunday, October 26, 2008

"The Amazing Race" 10/26

This is the final recap of my second year.

Ken & Tina are on a roll, having won the past three stages. But they won the last stage because they claimed the season's first Fast Forward, and I didn't really agree with their decision to go for it. The last time we had a team on a roll, Azardia and Hendekea Azene wound up being eliminated even before getting to last season's first non-elimination stage (they were eliminated in Week 6). Will Ken & Tina regret their Fast Forward move after tonight? Let's find out.

OPENING CLUE: Teams must fly about 5,600 miles to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Once there, they have to find a roadside gas-pumping station to get their second clue.

This week, each team has $98 for possible use.

Terence got a speeding ticket while he and Sarah were going to the airport.

Andrew & Dan barely got the tickets to the first flight to Siem Reap.

CLUE #2: After choosing one of the blue trucks, they must fill it with 25 gallons of diesel fuel in order to get their third clue.

Nick & Starr are leading at this time.

CLUE #3: Teams must now jump into the back of their chosen trucks and be driven to the city's harbor. Once there, they must take one of their boats to a restaurant called Kho Andeth, where their next clue can be found.

Andrew & Dan have serious problems pumping the gas. Ken & Tina are in third place after pumping their gas.

When we get to the boats, Terence & Sarah are now leading with Ken & Tina moving up to second. But Nick & Starr reclaim the lead heading into what's next.

DETOUR: Village Life or Village Work?

Village Life: Using their boats, teams choosing this must pick up the following three items- some chomping teeth, a doll and a basketball. Before finishing the basketball part, though, each team member must score a basket on the floating basketball court. Once all of this is done, they deliver the items to a dockwatcher, who then gives them their next clue.

Village Work: Teams must take their boats to some fishing grounds. Then, they must jump out of their boats into waist-deep water to search through several fishing traps until they find two with fish inside. Once done, they must bring the two traps back to the dock and dump all the fish into some baskets in order to get their next clue.

Nick & Starr retain their lead after completing the Village Work task.

CLUE #5: Teams must choose a motorscooter and travel to Angkor Wat.

Ken & Tina are back in second place. Aja & Ty have been in last place since the start of this episode.

ROADBLOCK: One team member must find The Chamber of Echoes inside Angkor Wat and thump their chest hard enough so that the thumping can be heard throughout the temple. Once there, they can pick up a sculpture relief to this...

PIT STOP: Travel to the Bayon Temple, where one team may be eliminated.

Nick & Starr don't lose their lead and pick up their second prize! It's a trip to St. John.

Meanwhile, Tina's confused over what to do during the Roadblock. Oh dear.

2ND: Toni & Dallas

3RD: Terence & Sarah

4TH: Ken & Tina

5TH: Kelly & Christy

The last team definitely moving on...

...Andrew & Dan! That means Aja Benton & Ty White post a wire-to-wire LAST PLACE finish...

...and it's GAME OVER for them as a result, so they just go away.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of Terence's speeding ticket early on in this episode, he and Sarah have been assessed a 30 MINUTE PENALTY for the next stage (the same thing happened to Nick & Starr last week, but it was edited out of that broadcast).
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