Sunday, October 05, 2008

"The Amazing Race" 10/5

OPENING CLUE: Fly about 640 miles to Fortaleza, Brazil. Once there, they have to travel to a village called Cumbuco, and find the second clue located within its plaza.

For this leg, every team gets a $125 budget.

To start the episode, Terence & Sarah are arguing over how to communicate properly with other teams. A little later, Terence sustained a cut on his head after the door to a car's trunk nailed him.

Just before they got on their next flight, Terence made an ass out of himself at Tina's expense.

Anthony & Stephanie have problems hailing a taxi after arriving in Fortaleza, causing them to fall to dead last. Meanwhile, Terence & Sarah are leading head into this next clue:

CLUE #2: Ride a dune buggy to Barraca D Manoel and find the vendor inside a shack in order to get the third clue.

Aja & Ty and Andrew & Dan have a hard time discovering the second clue.

DETOUR: Beach It or Docket?

Beach It: Teams have to choose a Brazilian boat and a two-man crew. They have to place a few heavy rolling logs underneath the boat and roll the boat out to the inland.

Docket: Teams have to go to a shipyard. Using the seven-digit code on their clue and the port's databases, they had to go to the section of the shipyard with that container, which houses their next clue.

Most teams go with Beach It, while Mark & Bill and Marisa & Brooke decide to try Docket.

Terence & Sarah take back the lead from Kelly & Christy after the Detour.

CLUE #4: Take one of the nearby taxis to Parque de Vaquejada, where the next clue can be located.

Nick & Starr have jumped from the middle of the pack early on in the leg to second place. Kelly & Christy get confused about only getting to do one of the Detour tasks, and instead of picking up their next clue, they search through the sand for a container! Ugh.

Terence & Sarah don't know where the taxis are and lose their lead once again. In this case, Mark & Bill take over the lead heading into this:

ROADBLOCK: One player from each team needs to decipher the whereabouts of their next destination on a 600-foot wall. Using their knowledge of the many clues on that wall, each participant must provide the correct destination to a nearby painter to get their next clue.

Despite being incorrect with their first three guesses, Mark & Bill retain the lead after being right on their fourth guess.

PIT STOP: Travel by taxi to Cidade da Crianca, where one team may be eliminated.

It's a tight battle between Mark & Bill and Ken & Tina for first in this leg. Interesting to note that Mark inadvertantly helped Tina during the Roadblock. The winners of this leg are...

...Ken & Tina! Both get an off-road vehicle.

2ND: Mark & Bill

3RD: Terence & Sarah

4TH: Aja & Ty

5TH: Toni & Dallas

6TH: Nick & Starr

7TH: Kelly & Christy

8TH: Andrew & Dan

The last team to definitely advance...

...Marisa & Brooke, meaning they were on the bubble for the second week in a row! That means Anthony Marotta & Stephanie Kacandes finish last...

...and are the second team eliminated, so they go home with nothing.
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