Friday, October 03, 2008

"America's Next Top Model" 10/1

TYRA MAIL #15: "Just because it doesn't fit doesn't mean you should be clothes minded."

Early on, Joslyn called her friend Carlisia expressing her concern about her sub-par beginning this season.

Paulina Porizkova forced the remaining contestants to put on pink construction hats. Each one then had five minutes to pose with style in unflattering clothes.

Not doing well here were Clark, Elina, Samantha and Marjorie (who lost it shortly after her turn). Samantha was said to have done the worst job. The winner of this challenge was...

...Mckey, meaning she got 50 bonus frames in the next Photo Shoot!

TYRA MAIL #16: "Are you a force of nature, a devestating beauty or a total disaster?"

PHOTO SHOOT: Pose as an L.A. natural disaster. Taking the photos was Brian Edwards.

1. Elina (Earthquake)- Terrible.

2. Sheena (Sandstorm)- Decent.

3. Clark (Blackout)- HORRIBLE.

4. Lauren Brie (Snowstorm)- Average.

5. Joslyn (Landslide)- Average as well.

6. Analeigh (Santa Ana winds)- Very good!

7. Mckey (Heat wave)- Excellent!

8. Samantha (Tidal wave)- Very good!

9. Marjorie (Traffic jam)- Not very good.

Elina, Clark, Joslyn and Marjorie were in the most danger. This week's bottom two...

...Joslyn and Clark. Leaving the competition next...


...Clark Gilmer.
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