Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 10/21

Early on, both trainers gave their teams a workout so unusual that it might make Harvey Walden IV of "Celebrity Fit Club" proud. In Jillian's case, she used a rope course outside. In Bob's case, he made his team members do Cirque de Soleil-type moves inside.

Then, everybody got a mid-season examination by Dr. Huizenga of UCLA.

Challenge: For I do believe the second time this season, a challenge is being held at Universal Studios Hollywood. In this case, each team must walk on a long thin circle through a laser beam. Every time a player walks through the laser beam, his/her team gets a point; 25 points wins the team videos from home. If any player falls into the water, they're locked out of the challenge until all of the other players have fallen into the water.

Amy Cremen was chosen to sit this challenge out for the Blue Team. The Black Team gets off to a 15-0 start! Do they hang on for the win?...

...boy, did they ever- they score a SHUTOUT WIN!



Renee: 225 lbs, 7 pounds lost

Michelle: 202 lbs, 7 pounds lost

Coleen: 179 lbs, 8 pounds lost

Phil: 272 lbs, 7 pounds lost

The Black Team lost a total of 29 pounds, for a percentage of 3.2%. For the Blue Team to win again, they must have lost at least 37 pounds.


Amy Cremen: 193 lbs, 6 pounds lost

Heba: 253 lbs, 5 pounds lost

Vicky: 203 lbs, 8 pounds lost

Amy Parham: 191 lbs, 2 pounds lost

Brady: 283 lbs, 3 pounds lost

They fall way short at 24 pounds. That Cirque de Soleil stuff didn't work for the Blue Team.

Elimination: This vote is between Amy Parham and Brady. By a vote of 3-2...

Amy P.

...Parham is the first Amy eliminated this season.
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