Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 10/28

This is the last week this season with the contestant competing in teams.

Temptation Challenge: On each turn, two foods are shown; each team has to pick the one dish that's healthier. The first team to get five right earns a 40-pound advantage in this week's main challenge.

THIS: Hot dog with ketchup, mustard and relish (both chose this)
THAT: Cheese nachos

THIS: Spaghetti with marinara, spicy Italian sausage and a side Caesar salad
THAT: Penne with marinara, garlic shrimp and a garden side salad with fat-free Italian dressing (both chose this)
HEALTHIER: Penne and house salad (TIED AT 2)

THIS: Chicken and shrimp fajitas with the works (Black Team)
THAT: 24 chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce (Blue Team)
HEALTHIER: Chicken nuggets (Blue leads 3-2)

THIS: Multi-grain bagel with light cream cheese
THAT: Ham, egg and cheese on an English Muffin (both chose this)

HEALTHIER: Ham, egg and cheese sandwich (Blue leads 4-3)

THIS: Grilled chicken burrito with the works (Blue Team)
THAT: 18 light beers (Black Team)
HEALTHIER: Grilled chicken burrito- BLUE TEAM WINS

MAJOR CHALLENGE: Both teams were put in a harness and each player had to hang on to their rope, which is based on the contestant's body weight. Because the Blue Team just won the Temptation Challenge, the Black Team will have to work with an additional 40 pounds. The team that hangs on the longest wins the right to void one player's weight loss for the week on the opposite team.

At times during this challenge, one member of each team was ordered to let go of their rope.

The winning team is...

...the Blue Team!


NOT COUNTING FOR THE BLACK TEAM THIS WEEK: Michelle (200 lbs, 2 pounds lost)


Renee: 222 lbs, 3 pounds lost

Coleen: 177 lbs, 2 pounds lost

Phil: 269 lbs, 3 pounds lost

The Black Team only officially lost 8 pounds, for a percentage of 1.18%.

For the Blue Team to win, they must have lost at least 12 pounds.


Brady: 270 lbs, 13 pounds lost (first time ever that the first person to weigh in from a team beats an entire team by him/herself!)

Vicky: 201 lbs, 2 pounds lost

Heba: 247 lbs, 6 pounds lost

Amy Cremen: 187 lbs, 6 pounds lost

With 27 pounds lost and a winning percentage of 2.9%, the Blue Team wins by a landslide!

ELIMINATION: I will tell you right now this vote was between Phil and Michelle. Was there a tie?...

...NO. By a vote of 3-1...


...Phil, the other Parham, has been eliminated. But don't worry- he and the other eliminated contestants up to this point will be back in two weeks to get a chance to re-enter the game in time for solo mode.

(After he left the ranch, he and Amy officially got married!)
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