Thursday, October 23, 2008

Notes about last night's "Bingo America" winner

All of this came from a GSN press release today:

John Hanlin, the second $100,000 winner on "Bingo America", appeared today at about 5:25 PM EST on GSN Live to talk about his big win (a clip of that win was shown before he appeared in the studio) Wednesday night.

Hanlin is a pharmaceutical representative from L.A., but is originally from Pittsburgh. And he can thank Jack Lambert in part for helping him win the big money, because his fourth bonus round pick of #58 turns out to be Lambert's famous jersey number while he was playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers; Hanlin is a fan of both Lambert and the team itself.

With his winnings, he is planning on buying a vintage 1969 Corvette amongst other things.
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