Friday, October 17, 2008

"RW/RR Challenge: The Island" 10/15

Johnny wanted his key back.

Colie & Dan got into a heated argument thanks to Dan being drunk.

The latest air drop featured a cell phone use for I do believe the second time this season.

FACE-OFF #6: Derrick vs. Johnny vs. Cohutta

This game was called "Rat in a Cage". Each player started being locked inside a bamboo cage. They had to collect four different keys (yellow, blue, green and red) by releasing a certain object for each key.

Red: Rope of knots
Blue: Steel spiral corkscrew
Green: Coconut
Yellow: Bamboo pole

The first player to unlock all of their locks, get out of their cage and ring the bell won.

BONUS PRIZE: Mini digital notebook

Cohutta got the early lead with two locks unlocked fairly quickly, with Johnny a close second. The winner was...

...Johnny, so he got his key back!

Elimination: By a vote of 10-1...

...Cohutta Lee Grindstaff has been eliminated.
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