Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Week in Review: October 13-19

Players of the Week:
WINNER: Michelle Loewenstein ($1,026,080)("Wheel of Fortune"- new all-time winner)
RUNNER-UP: Leanne Marshall ("Project Runway" Season 5 winner)
3RD PLACE: Adam Pinson ($100,000)("Millionaire")

Other Big Winners and Notables:
Weston Family- $41,340 as four-time champs ("Family Feud")
Dana Marshall- $69,700 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Todd Covert- $60,402 as two-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Cristy Lecik- $50,000 ("Millionaire")
Raegan Hanne- $49,832 as season's first Double Showcase Winner ("The Price is Right")
Mary Ann Weir- $47,200 ("WOF")
Melissa Miller- $45,057 ("TPIR")

ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK: In the first few years Lucky Seven was played on "The Price is Right", 0s were sometimes used in the car price. This would lead to a confusing decision at the end of one playing, where a contestant won with exactly $1 left despite saying 7 as the last number with $4 left and the fact that she really missed the last digit by 7- Bob Barker instead declared she was off by only 3, winning her the car. Nowadays, 0s are no longer used in this game. However, on last Friday's episode, contestant David Harris had the gall to guess 0 as the fourth number in the price of the car with $3 remaining and wound up going flat broke, as the fourth digit was 3. If he had gone with anything from 1-5 instead on that digit, he most likely would've gone on to win the car as the last number was 5. He went on to also lose that day's Showcase.

Dishonorable Mentions:
1. A contestant saying Spider-Man was the comet that last appeared in 1986 after it was absent for 76 years ("Bingo America")
2. A contestant came up with a dopey name of "DUI machine" for the device that measures a person's BAC ("Bingo America")
3. During a very frustrating Speed-Up Round, two contestants missed a puzzle by one letter with the lousy guess of FOOD-BURNING STOVE instead of the right answer of WOOD-BURNING STOVE ("Wheel of Fortune")
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