Sunday, November 16, 2008

"The Amazing Race" 11/16

Will Nick & Starr make it five wins? Or will Ken & Tina join them in the season's four win club? Or will Terence & Sarah or one of the other two remaining teams finally get on the board? Let's find out right now.

OPENING CLUE: Teams must fly about 1,000 miles to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Once there, they must take a taxi to a chicken factory where the second clue awaits.

FLIGHT 1: Nick & Starr, Ken & Tina and Toni & Dallas
FLIGHT 2: Terence & Sarah
FLIGHT 3: Andrew & Dan

ROADBLOCK: One member from each team must search amongst numerous chickens for one of seven golden eggs, each of which can be redeemed for the third clue.

But wait, there's more...

FAST FORWARD: Ken & Tina are locked out of this. Here, teams trying this must go to a local restaurant and eat a feast mostly consisting of sheep fat.

At this point, only Nick & Starr and Terence & Sarah try the Fast Forward; Terence & Sarah need to win this more since they haven't won a thing yet, despite their good work so far this season. I felt Andrew & Dan made a possibly fatal mistake by not going for it.

CLUE #3: Teams must choose one of the factory's crane trucks and travel to the Koktobe Arch, located at the foothills of the Tienshan Mountains. Once there, they must followed the marked path to the Mongol Warriors; they must then wait for their next clue.

DETOUR: Play Like Mad or Act Like Fools?

Play Like Mad: Teams must travel to the Museum of Folk Instruments where they must learn to play a traditional Kazak tune using two instruments. Once they've done well enough inside, they must play that tune in a park for tips. Once they've earned $1.50 in tips, they'll get their next clue.

Act Like Fools: Teams must travel to a children's puppet theater and put on a two-person cow costume. Then, they must walk the streets with the costume on and then find a milk store, where they must then drink a glass of milk. Once done, they must then walk to Zelyoniv Bazar and go to its meat section, where they must turn in their cow costume to the store's butcher to get their next clue.

Back to the Fast Foward, here are the final results...

...Terence & Sarah decide to give up, meaning Nick & Starr win the season's other Fast Forward!

PIT STOP: Teams must run to the Old Square, where one team's journey may end here tonight.

Nick & Starr Spangler win for a FIFTH time this season!! They've now each won a pair of waverunners and are one victory shy of tying Colin & Christie's all-time record of six! Not only that, that's their fourth win in a row, A NEW ALL-TIME RECORD!!!

Ken & Tina and Toni & Dallas decide to try the cow costume task. Meanwhile, Terence & Sarah and Andrew & Dan are lost.

2ND: Toni & Dallas

3RD: Ken & Tina

Terence & Sarah and Andrew & Dan also go inside the cow costumes. Andrew & Dan get there first, but they take a taxi there instead, so they're asked to go back to the butcher shop and do the final traveling over again. The last team definitely moving on to the next episode is...

...Andrew & Dan. That means for Terence Gerchberg & Sarah Leshner...

...DISASTER HAS HIT THEM- THEY'RE ELIMINATED THANKS TO THEIR UNSUCCESSFUL FAST FORWARD ATTEMPT. That means despite all of their good teamwork, they're leaving with nothing. Too bad.
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