Sunday, November 30, 2008

"The Amazing Race" 11/30

Who will make it to the finals and who won't? Let's find out now.

Remember, Andrew & Dan, the only all-male team left this season, will have to complete a Speed Bump task along the way this week since they finished last in last week's non-elimination leg.

OPENING CLUE: Travel by taxi to a retired Russian nuclear submarine. They must find its bowels and locate the officer being played by an actor who starred in "The Hunt For Red October" to get their second clue.

CLUE #2: Travel by taxi to an outdoor museum called Park Iskusstv.

Nick & Starr Spangler are in the lead heading into the following:

ROADBLOCK: One member of each team must ID how many Lenin statues are on the museum's park grounds (6) and how many Stalin statues are there (2). Once they think they're ready, they must go inside a bookstore and tell the correct number to the saleslady. The number of Lenin statues makes up the first digit of the correct answer, while the number of Stalin statues represents the other digit in the answer. Hence, the correct answer is 62. If incorrect, they're assessed a TEN MINUTE PENALTY and they'll have to wait out the penalty before trying again. If correct, they get to look up that page number in a book and information about their next location can be found within that page's text.

Andrew & Dan are way behind, as they went to the wrong park. Taking on the Roadblock are Nick, Dallas, Tina & Dan. The place they must go to next is Sadovaya Street.

Nick & Starr keep the lead! Toni & Dallas mess up at least twice on the Roadblock.

CLUE #4: Teams must travel by taxi to Sokol'niky Park and must locate the lady standing next to a Shetland pony; that lady will hand them their next clue.

DETOUR: Ride the Rails or Ride the Lines?

Ride the Rails: Teams must go on foot to the park's metro station and take a train to station 1905. Then, they must get a pastry before taking another train to a place where a statue of the Russian Alphabet creators can be found. They must find an old lady and deliver their pastry to her to get a postcard telling them to take a train to VDNKh Park; after getting there, they must search its station for their next clue.

Ride the Lines: Teams must run to a bus stop and get on a tour bus to Metpo "Kpachocenbckar". Once there, they must find a keymaker who will give them a locker key that tells them to travel by trolley bus to Rizhskaya Train Station. After getting there, they must unlock the correct locker with their given key to get a postcard directing them to take a train to VDNKh Park, where the next clue can be found.

Toni & Dallas were just barely ahead of Andrew & Dan after the Roadblock. HOWEVER, AFTER GETTING OUT OF A TAXI, DALLAS FORGETS TO TAKE ALONG HIS BAG CONTAINING HIS PASSPORT AND MONEY, AND THE TAXI DRIVES OFF. OUCH. Earlier on, I thought Ken & Tina were the ones that had this unfortunate thing happen. They then are forced to borrow money from other people in the city.

SPEED BUMP: After getting to Sokol'niky Park, Andrew & Dan are forced to dance with a Russian dance group to one song. Once they've done well enough, they can then try their Detour task.

Nick & Starr try the pastry task while Ken & Tina go with the bus task. Ken & Tina wind up taking the wrong kind of bus while Andrew & Dan have to re-do their Russian dancing at least once. Toni & Dallas, meanwhile, fall to last place as a result of Dallas' passport & money fiasco.

PIT STOP: Teams must run to the main part of VDNKh Park. Only the first three teams here get the chance to compete in the finals.

Nick & Starr are still ahead after their Detour task. Do they hang on to win this leg?...

...YES- THAT'S THEIR SIXTH WIN OF THE SEASON, TYING COLIN & CHRISTIE'S ALL-TIME SINGLE SEASON WINS RECORD AT SIX!!!! They also win a trip to Anguilla. But more importantly, they have the chance to win $1 Million in the last leg and possibly finish the greatest run in the show's history!

The second team to advance to the championship round...

...Andrew & Dan! The last team in...

Ken & Tina
Toni & Dallas

...Ken & Tina Greene, despite their mistake in not picking up their final clue. Which means Toni & Dallas Imbimbo's money & passport fiasco is truly a fiasco for the ages on this show, because they're eliminated. But unlike the other teams eliminated this season, they don't leave the race empty-handed, because they will be going to the Dominican Republic.

The $1 Million will be won in Portland, Oregon.
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