Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"America's Next Top Model"- CYCLE 11 FINALE

OPENING CHALLENGE: Shoot a commercial/print ad for CoverGirl. The ultimate winner's ad will be posted in several spots of Time Square, as well as many Wal-Marts. Whitney Thompson, last season's winner, stops by once again.

1. Samantha: Her commercial lacked energy.

2. McKey: She was OK, but she was jittery.

3. Analeigh: She got off to a rocky start thanks to a lot of dead air caused by Analeigh not seeing the camera light. The lack of her bubbly personality caused Jay to teach her the commercial part by part.

Needless to say, Analeigh was eliminated afterwards, making McKey & Sam your bottom two for the season!

RUNWAY SHOW: The runways inside the building this time around are similar to the ones you might find in the Willy Wonka or Dr. Seuss books.

The show officially starts with a big balloon being popped by J. Alexander before the first segment began. Then came Whitney, McKey, fourth season "Holland's Next Top Model" winner Ananda, and finally Sam.

Sam made a possibly fatal error by waiting until the last minute or so to dress up for the next segment. And during the second segment, I thought Sam made a questionable move by holding on to her skirt while she was walking down the runway.

For the third and final segment, all the models clapped while on the runway.

America, your 11th new "Top Model" is...


...from Lake Forrest, IL, McKey Sullivan!!! She bearhugged Tyra at the end!
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