Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 11/11

It's that time for solo competition! This season, in order to decide which previously eliminated contestant gets to return to the game, the returnees must compete in a challenge.

CHALLENGE: Step up and down 1,000 times. The first one to do so not only returns to the game, but also gains immunity.

The winner is...

...Ed Brantley!


Ed: 273 lbs, 4 pounds lost, 1.44%

Heba: 238 lbs, 9 pounds lost, 3.64%

Coleen: 170 lbs, 7 pounds lost, 3.95%

Amy Cremen: 181 lbs, 6 pounds lost, 3.21%

Michelle: 194 lbs, 6 pounds lost, 3%

Renee: 215 lbs, 7 pounds lost, 3.15%

Vicky: 193 lbs, 8 pounds lost, 3.98%

Brady needs to have lost at least nine pounds to definitely move on to the next round...

Brady: 264 lbs, 6 pounds lost, 2.22%

...but it doesn't happen, so he and Michelle are in the bottom two.

ELIMINATION: It's 3-2 Michelle heading into the last vote from Amy Cremen. If this vote goes to Michelle, obviously she's gone. If it goes to Brady, we would have a tie and he would be eliminated since he had the lower weight loss percentage on the week now that we're in solo mode. The contestant eliminated tonight is...


...Brady Vilcan.
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