Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 11/25

Last week, they went back to the 1980's. This week, they saluted Thanksgiving with NFL Week!

The NFL stars that made cameos were former "Dancing with the Stars" finalist Jerry Rice and Steve Young.

Challenge #1: Run through an NFL-like obstacle course twice. The one that improved the most from their first attempt got to donate $10,000 to the school of his/her choice.

Last place: Heba (Margin: Five seconds)

5th: Amy (Margin: Seven seconds)

4th: Michelle (Margin: 11 seconds)

3rd: Ed (Margin: 12 seconds)

The runner-up beat her original time by 17 seconds, while the winner improved by 23 seconds. The winner was...


Challenge #2: The contestants were placed on one end of a football field and footballs were flying at them. They had to catch them and place them in their opponents' racks. Once a contestant's rack had ten footballs in it, that player was out. Last one standing won a 2009 Pro Bowl package that includes a trip to said NFL all-star game in Hawaii.

Elimination order for the first four:

1. Michelle

2. Renee

3. Ed

4. Amy

Early on, Ed caught a ball that was worth a $500 bonus. The winner was...

...Vicky- she swept this week's challenges!

Another former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Rocco DiSpirito, stopped by to show everyone how to make a healthy version of the usual Thanksgiving dinner.

All of the remaining contestants then got to watch videos from home.


Amy Cremen: 168 lbs, 5 pounds lost, 2.89%

Heba: 224 lbs, 7 pounds lost, 3.03%

Ed: 253 lbs, 9 pounds lost, 3.44%

Vicky: 180 lbs, 7 pounds lost, 3.74%

Renee: 199 lbs, 8 pounds lost, 3.86%

For Michelle to definitely stay alive, she needed to have lost at least six pounds...

Michelle: 176 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 5.38%

...boy, did she ever! That's gotta be one of the largest weight losses on the ranch by a female in history!

ELIMINATION: Heba and the remaining Amy were up for elimination this time. Since Cremen had the worst percentage this week, she got an automatic elimination vote.

1st Vote (Michelle)- Heba (TIED at 1 apiece)

2nd Vote (Renee)- Heba (2-1)

If Heba got this next vote from Ed, she was gone...

...but Ed voted for Cremen, so it came down to Vicky's vote. The contestant eliminated just before Thanksigiving was...

Amy C.

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